What SUVs Are Being Discontinued?

models have long been a staple of the automotive market. Consumers’ love for SUVs has only grown over the years. Unfortunately, with the 2022 model year winding down, it’s time to say goodbye to some SUVs that will no longer be available in 2023. Some due to changing consumer preferences, declining sales numbers, and manufacturers tweaking their lines of models. So which SUVs will be discontinued in 2023?

1. Buick bis

Buick Encore 2023 | Creative Commons

Initially introduced in 2013, the Buick Encore was a subcompact SUV that stood out from the competition with its signature QuietTuning technology, smooth ride quality, and luxurious interior. Unsurprisingly, the Encore has been popular with luxury SUV fans since its inception.

the Buick Encore is expected to be discontinued due to slow sales in recent years after the 2022 model year. But that’s not surprising, as the Buick Encore trim level lineup has recently been streamlined, with only one trim level offered for the 2022 model year. General Motors plans to use the extra resources to focus on developing and expanding production of its close cousin, the Chevy Trailblazer.

2.Chevrolet Trax

The Chevrolet Trax is another subcompact SUV that will be discontinued after the 2022 model year. The Chevy Trax has been on the US market since 2015 and has seen its fair share of success over the years. While the Trax was initially popular with younger drivers, Chevrolet has recently shifted its focus to SUVs like the , leaving little room for the Trax in their lineup. Despite its feature-rich trim levels, sales numbers have declined significantly, leading to GM Authority’s decision to discontinue the Trax in the final third quarter of calendar year 2022.

3. Ford Ecosport

First introduced to the US market in 2018, the Ford EcoSport was met with mixed reviews. Despite its impressive fuel economy, feature-rich trim levels, and assertive styling, Ford decided to discontinue the EcoSport after the 2022 model year after closing its plant in India, where the EcoSport is built. According to a report in , Ford is now shifting its focus to developing engineering and technology assets for SUVs like the Bronco, Escape and Explorer.

4.Chevrolet Spark

Introduced in 2013 as a modern take on the classic subcompact, the Chevy Spark was one of the few on the market. Unfortunately, after a nine-year run, Chevy has decided to discontinue the Spark after the 2022 model year.

That’s no surprise, as sales numbers have steadily declined in recent years, with SUVs like the Trailblazer and Equinox taking up more space in Chevy’s lineup. Additionally, the GM spokesperson quoted, “Chevy has no plans to replace the Spark with one and instead directs customers to purchase its Trailblazer subcompact crossover.

5. Lexus RX L


The Lexus RX L is a three-row SUV that has been on the market since 2018. Despite its well-appointed interior, refined styling, and impressive fuel economy, Lexus has announced plans to discontinue the RX L after the year 2022 model year. This decision is part of a larger plan by Lexus to streamline its lineup and focus on all-electric SUVs. Additionally, a Lexus spokesperson said sales numbers were down due to SUVs like the RX 350L and GX 460 taking up more space in its lineup.

Of course, SUVs aren’t the only vehicles discontinued in 2023. Honda recently announced that it will be discontinuing its Insight sedan after the 2022 model year. Meanwhile, Hyundai is also phasing out its . On the other hand, Toyota will discontinue its Avalon sedan after the 2022 model year. Finally, Volkswagen will say goodbye to the Passat sedan after 2023 and focus on SUVs like the Atlas and Tiguan.

As automakers focus on SUVs and EVs, we’ll have to say goodbye to these beloved SUVs and sedans. It’s a bittersweet and exciting time as automakers focus on developing new and improved SUVs.

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