Tesla Owner Allegedly Used Car to Attempt Murder Has Been Arrested

You may have seen the news about a freeway fall in San Mateo with four passengers on board. They all survive, but that may not have been the driver’s intention. The California Highway Patrol is investigating and has arrested driver Dharmesh A. Patel.

Where did the Tesla accident happen?

Tesla crashes into Devil’s Slide in San Mateo, California | Twitter

The accident occurred when the Tesla car missed an infamous turn on the San Mateo Freeway, flipping over as it plunged 250 feet into a nearby surf break canyon. The area where you land is a popular hiking area called “Devil’s Slide”. Reports said that inside the Tesla were Patel, another adult, and two children. All of them were seriously injured, according to the CHP. They were taken to a local hospital.

. “Every one of us was shocked when we saw a movement from the windshield. It was nothing short of a miracle today that they survived.”

Do the authorities know why the Tesla driver got off the road?

Since this was first reported, the story has taken a dramatic turn. Patel, a physician at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills, is under arrest and charged with attempted murder and child abuse. Details of the charges have not yet been announced. Documents indicate that a 41-year-old woman, and two children, ages seven and four, were the others inside the car.

Passengers over the age of 2 are not identified at this time. Once Patel is discharged and booked, more information will emerge. There was also no mention of what happened at the time of the crash, but the CHP says it does not appear to have contributed to it. The CHP said: “This is still an ongoing investigation, and no further information is being released at this time.

Earlier, the CHP said, “Investigators worked all night to interview witnesses and collect evidence from the scene of the accident. Based on the evidence collected, investigators have come up with probable cause to believe that this incident was a deliberate act.”

How severe are the passenger’s injuries?


Once fire and rescue had established that everyone had survived, rescue workers began trying to transport the victims. But Tesla’s doors were closed due to the collapse of the bridge. So the authorities used the Jaws of Life to cut through the car to get to it.

Pulled from the valley in baskets, the children went to a nearby hospital. Firefighters say most of the children’s bones are broken. The two adults sustained traumatic injuries and were removed by helicopter and taken to a local hospital.

“I don’t even like driving it,” Pottinger said. “It’s definitely California.”

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