Ram Promises a Revolution With Its 2024 EV Truck: What’s Revolutionary About It?

Elsewhere, MotorBiscuit provides comprehensive information and unique features for its “Revolution” EV truck concept. The BEV concept is a Ram and a first look at the electrification of its truck. This post zeroes in on what these things are, and their chances of seeing production. A lot of times, these kinds of concepts have flashy features that add buzz, but never really produce, so let’s take a look.

Does the Ram Revolution EV have a third row?

Ram Revolution EV concept truck | stellants

In no particular order, we’ll start with the seat rail system. Similar to what you’d see on passenger planes, owners can arrange the front row seats and center seats into custom configurations. Since the interior is four inches longer than the current Ram 1500 crew cab, in part as a result of the extended wheelbase, there’s even more room to play with.

. Ambient lighting, window and glass roof can be adjusted, and the steering wheel retracts into the dash when in Level 3 Autonomous mode.

An addition to the cargo area is a powered stowage box, which has become predictable with no engine room required. The Revolution concept has bus doors, which open in opposite directions eliminating the need for an intrusive B-pillar. We’ve seen this type of arrangement occasionally on concept cars over the decades, but it’s very rare that it does production.

Ram revolution
Ram Revolution EV concept truck | stellants

This is because for inversion purposes, this B column adds more integrity to the top. The other reason is that the door is not closed. Warnings can circumvent the possibility of this happening, but bundled compromises mean such a great idea as poleless trucks, the design won’t make it into production.

The concept displays side cameras instead of side-view mirrors. Although applicable, this may have to wait without approval from the feds. Another feature we wouldn’t expect to see in production are the illuminated wheel center caps, which stay on. Rolls-Royce also has this option, but it’s more flashy than practical for production. The 24-inch alloy wheels are fitted with 35-inch wheels.

What is “shadow mode”?

Ram revolution
Ram Revolution EV concept truck | stellants

Other features include charging ports, flush door handles on the Tesla, along with side and rear sills. The Revolution’s tailgate can open conventionally for increased cargo length or barn-door style. The front front panel includes built-in tow hooks.

One of the new technical features is “Shadow Mode”. When in use, the driver can walk in front of or follow the truck that is following him. It is mostly for job sites where it is not always necessary for short commutes in and out of the cabin. It’s like walking your dog without a leash.

Ram revolution
Ram Revolution EV concept truck | stellants

MotorBiscuit has a lot of information about the Ram EV pickup. So to learn more about the platform, powertrain and other details, you can.

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