PPC Management – All In One Place. The First Turnkey White-Label PPC Platform

Everyone who runs an agency knows that they need an impressive PPC display to attract and retain the right clients.

The problem is that delivering high quality PPC management requires a huge number of resources that can be invested in your area of ​​expertise.

Imagine a pay-per-click white-label solution that revolutionizes your PPC offerings, allowing you to scale more effectively.

You’re about to discover a way to stop sloshing through resources only to produce sub-par pay-per-click management, while reallocating those assets towards more profitable activities.

A Powerful Paradigm Shift for Marketing Agencies: PPC “Service as Software”

Yes, you read correctly – “Service as Program”.

Running a digital marketing agency involves hundreds of moving parts, each pulling your attention away from your agency’s core competencies.

The less you focus on your areas of expertise, the less you earn.

This is why we propose a paradigm shift in the way you run your agency and the value your agency brings to your clients.

It’s time to introduce the first white label PPC platform of its kind to help your agency achieve new growth and prestige.

PS “Service as Software” is a term I coined years ago to capture my vision for our organization (oxbird) to become a streamlined, white-labeled PPC machine.

Our goal for you: We provide you with a white label PPC offering that is calculated and effective so it feels like software while never stopping being a service driven by real, talented people. This is the essence of “Service as Software”.

Let your team get back to what they do best

We know how important a calculated and effective approach is to:

  • Get new clients.
  • Grow your client’s business.
  • retain your customers.

This is the very mission that gave birth to Pivot, the first white-label PPC platform of its kind and the poster child for our vision of Service as Software.

At Oxbird, we strive to be the ultimate white label PPC solution so our partners can focus on their areas of expertise.

Screenshot from Pivot, February 2022

Learn about Pivot: the power of managing your PPC

Pivot is a revolutionary interface that enables you to work efficiently PPC white label Manage at scale across the entire customer journey through a single dynamic interface.

Pivot gives your agency the ability to:

  • so far Reduce opportunity cost That comes from focusing on low-impact tasks.
  • Get started right awaywith ready-to-use ready-to-use configurations.
  • Multiple white label accounts Easily.
  • Reduce the error area With an easy-to-use and comprehensive interface.

Pivot is a service-based solution powered by humans; However, its white-label platform is so streamlined that it looks like an operating system for you and your team.

PPC Management - All in one place.  The first turnkey white label PPC platform

Created by oxbird Jan 2022

PPC Management – All in one place

No other PPC solution provides its users with a platform that controls every nuance of the outsourcing process.

Groundbreaking Pivot technology covers the essentials:

  • Invoices.
  • Arrival.
  • prove.
  • to improve.
  • reporting.
  • meetings.
  • Telecommunications.

But Pivot goes one step further by giving your agency:

  • Automated setup for the new client.
  • Automated project management with onboard task creation.
  • Built-in transparency, resulting in fewer meetings and no unexpected calls.
  • Automated new customer revenue forecast.
  • Case studies and presentations are produced instantly.
  • Everything you need to grow, like and expand – automatically.

The caliber of Pivot’s interface is unsurpassed in our niche.

The difference comes in the range.

More than just a client portal

Portals make it easy for a customer to connect with support tickets, but Pivot doesn’t stop there.

Most portals are pretty narrow, for example, limited to simple functions like submitting a support ticket.

Others are very broad, for example, not focused on managing one of the most important aspects of your agency’s offerings – paid media.

Opportunity cost is the most compelling reason for an agency to name its PPC.

Pivot’s “Service as Program” methodology is the most effective way to make white labels as profitable as possible.

Increase efficiency to achieve sustainable growth for the agency

If your agency outsources multiple PPC accounts with multiple manually created white-label accounts, you’re basically trying to do modern computer work with a typewriter and filing cabinet.

Pivot users say, “If we went back to using traditional means to categorize many computations at once, we would be instantly dissatisfied no matter how nice the ‘typewriter’ sounded.”

The disjointed and cumbersome methodology that was available up to this point is now officially obsolete.

Get rid of the typewriter. Pick up a computer. capture axis.

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