Lawsuit Alert: The Jeep Cherokee May Have 1 Dangerous Problem

Oh no, the Cherokee may need a lawyer, as she faces a security risk. A class action lawsuit has been filed against why it could suddenly get stuck in traffic, increasing the risk of rear-end collisions.

This Jeep Cherokee problem could be dangerous

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If you’ve experienced braking issues with your model, you’ll want to know about it. A lawsuit has been filed over an alleged defect for 2014 through 2022 Jeep Cherokee models.

) launched an investigation after receiving numerous complaints related to the matter. In July 2022 there were already 80 reports about the electronic parking brake.

This could be a much bigger problem impacting over 1.3 million Cherokee models. However, there have been no reports of injuries or deaths related to this issue. Additionally, Stellantis and the NHSTA have not yet issued a recall.

Why does the Cherokee have a braking problem?

Your electronic parking brake problem may be related to a previous problem involving water leaks. Based on driver feedback and repair bills, your parking brake may be damaged by water leaks.

There was a recall in 2015 that addressed the power liftgate module damaged by water leaks. Due to water damage, the tailgate module could catch fire. This recall affected approximately 100,000 Cherokee models produced between 2014 and 2015.

The electric parking brake module and tailgate module are in similar areas. Perhaps the previous recall fixed the tailgate but failed to address the cause of the water leak.

In addition, Jeep has released a Technical Service Bulletin that provides instructions for replacing the electronic parking brake module, which includes inspecting the connector module for corrosion if the driver complains they are having difficulty releasing the brake.

One complaint involves driving the Cherokee on a four-lane highway at 65 mph when it has partially lost power. It also wouldn’t accelerate, upshift, or downshift as the brake lights started flashing and the dash lights illuminated.

A mechanic showed the driver the electronic parking brake module, which was showing signs of corrosion from water leaks.

What if the Cherokee is recalled?

Is the Jeep Cherokee safe?
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If it receives a recall, the electronic parking brake module can be replaced at no cost to owners. It’s also possible that people who have already paid to have this fixed can be refunded.

But the investigation is only in the preliminary evaluation phase. Things may take a few months before we learn more. If the lawsuit is successful, drivers could be reimbursed for vehicle repairs and Jeep could be forced to correct the problem.

Don’t bother driving your Jeep Cherokee unless you start experiencing issues with acceleration and braking. You may notice a problem if it is difficult to release the parking brake. Currently, no organization recommends that drivers stop using their Cherokee.

Stay tuned for the latest updates as this case develops. You may need to take your Cherokee in for service if a recall occurs.

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