How We Built 600+ Links In 30 Days & You Can, Too

Link building takes a very long time. Just securing 10-20 links per month can be amazing.

By aligning resources, PureLinq has created link building software that delivers up to 90% response rate for email communication without the use of out there virtual assistants or email automation.

On January 19th, I moderated a sponsored webinar given by Kevin Rowe, CEO of PureLinq.

Rowe showed a proven way to unlock your link building potential.

Here is a quick summary of the webinar. For more details, complete the form to access the entire webinar.

What traditionally works in Link Building?

Before we dive into how to create 600+ links, let’s set the bar.

By knowing what works traditionally, you can easily understand how to speed up the process and increase your time.

Article based links work

It does not matter if the site was created or new. Local businesses could consider incorporating more local citations, but the link based on the article still works.

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The traditional way to get 600 links

Traditionally, the formula of 40,000 sites / (email open rates at 11% + response rates at 3% + placement rate at 9%) gets you 600 links.

Without a good program, you would need to build a list of over 40,000 websites. That alone takes a long time.

You will need to create a good link building program to help prioritize your resources.

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Elements of a good link building program

Creating a good link building program is key to speeding up the process and making sure that every step helps your goal.

The traditional first step is to tackle and scale the most challenging and essential parts of link building:

  • List building.
  • Search for contacts.
  • Customize emails.
  • Create content.
  • communication.
  • Follows.
  • Achieve.

Low response rates, personalized content, and more could take a year to scale.

So, how do you do all this in just one month?

The fastest approach to connect the building

You can reduce the amount of time by choosing the right method.

Content narrowing

Rowe’s team narrowed down the content and focused on communication and research instead.

The two best scenarios that work for them are:

  • Objective corrections.
  • Unrelated brand references.

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Build relationships

Rowe’s team had a 90% response rate when using predefined relationships.

The 90% response rate means that to get to 600, they just had to send out 700 outreach emails – instead of the traditional 40,000 emails.

The key to this response rate is relationships.

Rowe suggests these tools to start building lists and relationships:

  • slime rack.
  • display box.
  • Buzz Stream.

Then offer things that your partners might need in the future.

What works well for bloggers, influencers, authors, and publishers is giving them free crawling and finding their broken links.

You can use simple SEO tactics they don’t know how to implement, like crawling the entire site on 5,000 pages, finding all the links and correcting them.

You can also recommend a plugin for WordPress.

These free stuff are great reasons to have a relationship.

As a result, you will get a high response rate, but do not demand anything in return.

Just start building that relationship and keep that list.

Links will come naturally.

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Easy to maintain operation with tools

Consider creating workflows and processing maps in the project tools.

Rowe uses these tools to help him standardize processes for scalability:

  • Entrepreneurial Operating Systems from EOS
  • Clear graphics

Steps to Take in Link Building

Step 1Defining Standards: Standards and Quality.

Step 2: index search for sites: filter, review manually.

Step 3: Search Ahrefs: UBMs, Thematic.

The fourth step: Presentation preparation: paragraph + link, corner.

Fifth step: Communication: BuzzStream List, one-on-one.

Sixth step: Matchmaking: ScrapeBox and

Rowe delved into other link building processes using Google, Ahrefs, crawlers, and even building your own search engine.

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Even if you make hundreds of links each month, your link building needs to be one-to-one.

Acing link building is your next step in learning one of the most important factors for search engine optimization.

[Slides] How we generated over 600 links in 30 days and you can too

Here is the presentation:

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