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With Brooke Cooper

Ukrainian streets that were once filled with children’s laughter and brisk walking of people heading to work are now deserted.

Workers of all kinds had to quit their jobs to flee their homes or worse – to take up arms and defend their families.

The Russian invasion has life on earth as they knew it stopped for millions of Ukrainians.

Support flows abound from the search engine optimization and digital marketing industry as many companies and employees hail from the embattled country.

Technology is a $6.8 billion Business in Ukraine Thousands of its 4.4 million people are employed in this sector.

This invasion hits a lot of us, even here at Search Engine Magazine as the family of Lorraine Baker, founder of SEJ, fights to defend the people and land of Ukraine.

The digital marketing and SEO community is a family. And when our family members are hurt, we provide support in the best ways we know how. We will be adding updates and additional ways to help to this list.

Google donates $15 million and fights misinformation

Google and its employees are donating a total of $15 million and in-kind support to help with the relief.

The search giant will also donate $5 million in advertising credits to humanitarian and intergovernmental organizations it deems trustworthy.

“In this extraordinary crisis, we are taking extraordinary measures to stop the spread of misinformation and disrupt online disinformation campaigns,” Google’s head of global affairs, Kent Walker, wrote in a March 1 statement.

“We will continue to monitor the situation and take additional action as needed – and we join the international community in expressing its sincere hope for a peaceful and sovereign Ukraine’s return,” he added.

The Google Advertising It also notes that YouTube channels from RT and Sputnik are now blocked across Europe.

Monetization options for Russian state-funded media are frozen across all Google platforms for the time being, and RT is banned from advertising altogether.

Walker also notes that products like Google Pay may become unavailable in some countries as Google strives to comply with government sanctions.

Canceled conference event donating $35,000

Organizer Christophe Semper He added, “We had speakers from Ukraine. The LRTcon was headlined by some amazing speakers from Ukraine. We had guests from Ukraine. The LRTcon was visited by so many competent and wonderful people from Ukraine… I am so proud to be able to help so quickly.” And the big one. And that ends the LRTcon story.”

Conductor to pay the salaries of enlisted personnel to the family

Seth Bsmertnick conductor on updates provided linkedin This week on employee Oleksander Lytvyn, who’s been risking his life patrolling the streets while his family saunters into a parking garage.

“Our team in Ukraine has proven time and time again that they are loyal, dedicated, proud and always open to improvement.” Besmertnik Books.

Bsmertnik wrote that the conductor saw the graffiti on the wall more than a month ago, provoking and threatening Russia. They provided assistance and incentives to their Ukrainian team to escape.

Half chose to flee, while the other half stayed.

They send messages to team members in Ukraine every 12 hours offering financial and other assistance.

“For those who stayed,” wrote Bsmertnik, “we told them if they were drafted, we would provide income for their families as long as they were in the service.”

SERPstats Editor sends a blog to the Volunteer Journalists Initiative

All-in-one SEO platform SERPstat, based in Ukraine, tweeted March 2 that Taras Pristatsky, the editor of her blog, has joined the initiative of Ukrainian volunteer journalists.

Today, the company tweeted:

WebCEO donates over $150,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Fund

During the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the WebCEO team donated more than $150,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine fund. Since many members of the WebCEO team have connections with Ukraine, they continue to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine Fund as well as to various humanitarian funds providing assistance to the civilian population in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees abroad.

Since March 4th, Internet marketing platform WebCEO has restricted access to its online services to Russian users.

SEJ has donated $10,000 to aid Ukrainian efforts and humanitarian relief

The Search Engine Journal team has come together to make a donation to both UNICEF An initiative to help, feed and clothe children in Ukraine and also in Ukraine Come alive a program. As we mentioned throughout this post, this war comes very close to home for us – on the family front and within the search marketing community. We are here to help… Here are some more examples of how those in the SEO world are helping our partners in Ukraine.

How SEO professionals can help our colleagues in Ukraine

Hire a Ukrainian remote worker

Olesya Korobka organized a Temporary database of Ukrainian SEO and digital marketing professionals who are currently looking for remote work.

Alexis Rylko SEO consultant has put together a post “Great SEO and digital marketing tools made in UkraineTo those who may wish to support the cause through their actions.

Support of Ukrainian companies

Julia NestretsCEO of tool crawler and records analyst Jet Octopus, tweeted from her car as she and her newborn baby delivered medical supplies, fundraised, and gave demonstrations from the road while working remotely:

l visitedCEO Dmitry Gerasimenko is a Ukrainian and has offered to double the subscriptions of anyone who donates to organizations supporting peace in Ukraine.

If a person donates the amount of a six-month plan, Ahrefs will support them for a full year of service.

SE order He has a message on his website in support of Ukraine and provides links for how to help people.

1 point for HelpUkraineWin.orga resource created by the head of product at Tumblr, Bohdan Kate. There, he shares a form for one-time or monthly donations, a list of ways to donate or volunteer in other ways, and a feed from #StandWithUkraine on Twitter.

Chief Content Officer at SERanking Svetlana Schechel, who is also an author at Search Engine Journal, recommends that people Donate to UNICEF To provide much needed emergency relief to Ukrainian children.

Olga Andrienko, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Semrush, chirp“,”We are firmly opposed to any military action, including the Russian invasion of Ukraine. clevernessWe, our Polish entity, are coordinating an effort to provide some direct relief to people in need inside Ukraine via NGO support.”

Any NGO wishing to support their efforts can contact them directly at

Digital marketing agency Switch out of Malta has a page at website Dedicated to support Ukraine and each team member donates one hour per day to humanitarian causes. There is also a contact form where people can request or provide services to help the people of Ukraine.

Pledge to support animal shelters

Duda Head of Influencer Marketing Anton Shulkbased in Kyiv, is raising funds to help Ukrainian animal shelters get through this difficult time.

All proceeds from him Buy me a coffee The site will go directly to various dog and cat shelters in need, keeping those shelters running with much-needed pet food and supplies.

Every pledge matters, and no donation is too small.

As of March 17, Shulke has raised approximately $19,310 for animals in Ukraine.

Check that everything is correct

Information and misinformation about the Ukrainian conflict is everywhere, but a group of public relations specialists based in Kyiv want to make sure the world only hears the truth.

More than 100 public relations professionals have created a profile google form Where the media can request direct testimonies from experts, volunteers and eyewitnesses, according to a press release. They can also receive photos and videos of the war.

Before making any donations or services to support Ukraine, make sure the charity is trustworthy.

People often take advantage of discord and disaster to make money. There are others who have good intentions but illegally support the cause.

If you are looking for the most reliable place to donate, visit Ukraine support page From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

There are also circulating requests for people to participate in DDOS attacks to take down Russian websites.

It should be noted that not only is this illegal, but a well-intentioned person could easily end up participating in something else entirely.

We hope for a quick solution

The hearts and minds of the world are with the people of Ukraine as they continue to fight for their freedom against overwhelming odds.

Acrid smoke from the husks of bombed-out buildings and gunshots permeates the streets as Russian forces attack not only the Ukrainian army but citizens as well.

Search Engine Journal fully supports the people of Ukraine in their time of need and encourages everyone to do what they can to help the thousands of innocent people caught in the middle.

With research and notes from Brock Cooper, news writer.

Featured image: DOERS/Shutterstock

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