How To Dominate Google Merchant Center [Podcast]

So, you want to promote your products online. are you ready?

Google Merchant Center is the future of e-commerce when it comes to both PPC and SEO (including local). It’s the first step to launching Shopping campaigns for your products.

In this episode, Duane Brown joins me to talk about the Merchant Center and its data, the importance of feeds, and the overall Google Shopping experience for Google users.

Your shopping feed is the most important thing you can work on, and it sets you apart from your competition because most people won’t work on it. Admittedly, it is a bit daunting, but it is hard and boring work that keeps you going.– Duane Brown, 20:53

Google really wants to create an Amazon type marketplace, and we all know Amazon is all about the lowest price at the end of the day.– Duane Brown, 40:34

I think Merchant Center is a combination of organic and shopping that can be used in the future for organic results and shopping ads. So watch that. – Lauren Baker 24:43

[00:00] – A little about Duane.
[03:07] Does Duane advertise outside of Google Shopping?
[04:26] What’s exciting about the Google Ads landscape right now?
[07:41] Emerging advertising platforms.
[11:38] Why is Merchant Center important?
[13:51] Should SEO be involved in Merchant Center?
[17:33] Feed management tips.
[21:22] – How do you consider the Google Shopping ranking factor.
[22:58] – How important is the shipping time data?
[27:22] Recommended apps for smaller e-commerce stores.
[29:10] How important are the tools?
[33:17] Why do search engines depend on nutrition?
[35:26] – Merchant Center suggestion for a motorcycle dealer.
[38:38] Additional tips and techniques for Google Merchant Center.
[41:58] Can you sell services with Google Shopping?

Mentioned resources:

Google Merchant Center –

triple whale –

Take some risk –

Suppose you are going to run shopping ads. Whether it’s paid shopping ads or you want to be in the shopping tab, which is free, you definitely need Merchant Center to have a place to store your data.– Duane Brown, 12:26

Retention just became a bigger thing. Google knows that if we want to get people with a better experience, we have to consider keeping them. – Duane Brown 26:36

You are building a business. It’s their second purchase, their third purchase, their fourth purchase—well, you can convert them from customer to brand loyalist. This is a goal. This is the dream. Lauren Baker, 28:52

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Duane is a global native with 14 years of experience working across digital marketing and brands for clients including ASOS, Walmart, Jack Wills, WooCommerce, RockerBox, and Wea.

Duane’s story is one of hard work, dedication and success. So far, travelogues have taken him to places like Australia, where he worked for Telstra; London, UK, working on brands like Mopp & Grant Thornton. He left London after ten weeks for Asia, then returned home to Canada, where he got a job at Unbounce.

With this opportunity came more opportunities that led him down the path towards running an advertising agency that helps e-commerce, DTC and SaaS brands scale PPC and paid advertising.

When Duane isn’t working, he’s traveling somewhere new, checking out a restaurant on his bike, or delving into a book that caught his eye.

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