Google Ads Update: Target Users Who Click On In-App Ads

Google Ads is rolling out an update to App Marketers designed to increase revenue from in-app ads.

Now, App campaigns in Google Ads allow you to target people with common interests to click on in-app ads.

New targeting option Target return on ad spend for ad revenue or tROAS for advertising revenue For a short period.

In an announcement, Google stated:

This is an update to the Target Return on Ad Spend, or tROAS bidding strategy, which is recommended if you are looking for a specific return on ad spend from your App campaigns. If you have an Android app that uses Google Analytics for Firebase SDK conversion reporting, you can calculate tROAS By passing dynamic revenue value from Google Analytics in-app events to Google Ads, in order to improve the average dollar value you want to recoup every dollar spent on user acquisition.”

When using TROAS to generate revenue from ads, ad spend is determined by how likely a user is to click on in-app ads.

requirements and implementation

To use tROAS to generate ad revenue, you will need to work with a developer to submit all AdMob or third party ad revenue data to Google Analytics for bidding.

why? Because Google Analytics Third Party Ad Revenue allows revenue from any monetization platform to be imported into Google Analytics for tROAS bids.

In addition, you are required to associate your Google Analytics site with a Google Ads account and send a Google Analytics ad_impression event to Google Ads.

With these requirements met, you can implement this new targeting capability by setting up a TROAS for an app campaign for ad revenue and selecting the ‘ad_impression’ event to optimize ad revenue.


Target return on ad spend for ad revenue is now available to advertisers running App campaigns.

Source: The Google

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