Google Ads to Rollout New Advertiser Pages With a Focus on Transparency

Google has announced Advertiser Pages, which allow users to learn more about an advertiser before visiting their site or making a purchase.

What are advertiser pages?

Advertiser pages will include enhanced advertising disclosures for advertisers who have completed the verification process.

These features are similar to the content users see when they click “Why am I seeing this ad?” in Facebook.

By clicking “About this ad,” users will be able to see things like:

  • Why do they see this advertising content.
  • Advertiser’s brand name.
  • Advertiser site.
  • Additional ads from that advertiser in the past 30 days.

Users will also be able to click “Stop seeing this ad” to ignore ads from advertisers they don’t care about and/or report ads they believe violate policies – all from the advertiser’s page.

The goal is to provide more information to help distinguish trusted advertisers in the ecosystem while limiting the ability of bad actors to misrepresent themselves.

Why were advertiser pages created?

Google improves ad transparency and continually cracks down on behavior that violates policy.

Mojdeh Tomisch, Product Manager, Advertising Privacy & Security at Google, said, “Enhanced Advertising Disclosures builds on our efforts to create a clear and intuitive experience for users who interact with ads on Google products. More than 30 million users interact with our Ads Transparency and Control lists every day, and receive About This Ad “Comments positive on its streamlined experience.”

Tomisch also noted that users deal with ad transparency and controls more on YouTube than on any other Google product or network, so that will roll out to search in the coming months.

When will advertiser pages be launched?

Advertiser Pages is expected to launch in the coming months for advertisers in the US, and is expected to roll out in phases in more countries starting in 2022.

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