Google Ads Insights Page Updated With 4 New Features

Google Ads gives businesses access to more data on the Insights page that should help maximize sales during the holiday season.

According to Google data, 53% of consumers plan to shop online more This year compared to last year.

Your stats page will give you the information you need to keep up with consumer trends and optimize your campaigns to get your ads in front of more shoppers.

In the coming weeks, Google Ads is rolling out four new features on the Insights page to drive results during this year’s business shopping season.

4 new features in the Google Ads stats page

The following features are in beta for all advertisers worldwide.

  • Demand forecast: Predicts six-month search trends through forward-looking insights that combine machine learning technology with past seasonal research data. Visions are for your business.
  • consumer interest insights: to aggregate top-performing search query topics that drive performance in your campaigns. It includes how many people searched for each attribute, its growth, and how it performed on your account.
  • audience insightsLearn about your customers’ interests and affiliations, such as what creatives resonate most with them.
  • Change history insights and auction insights: Find changelog and auction insights scattered throughout the stats page. Learn how shifts in auction competition or account changes affected your campaign performance.

Google points out how retailers like Etsy can increase sales with the help of the data on the stats page:

“Many businesses are already using the Insights page to drive growth. Etsy saw an increase in searches for “Sweatshirts & Hoodies” on its Insights page and used this information to help inform website promotion, content strategy, and ad copy. This contributed to a 49% increase in Sales of Google Search Campaigns and Shopping Campaigns in that subcategory.

Expect the above updates to roll out in the coming weeks at the campaign and account level.

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