Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns Best Practices

Google Ads Performance Max campaigns are now available to everyone. Here’s what you need to know about increasing conversions with this new campaign type.

Performance Max campaigns are a new way for advertisers to buy and optimize ads across YouTube, the Display Network, Search, Discover, Gmail and Google Maps.

This campaign type was launched in beta last year as a complement to keyword-based Google search campaigns.

After the success of the beta, Google rolls out Performance Max campaigns to all advertisers around the world.

Keep reading to learn more about how this type of campaign works and how to get the most out of it.

What is a Google Performance Max Ads campaign?

The Performance Max campaign allows businesses to buy and optimize ads across YouTube, the Display Network, Search & Discovery, Gmail, and Google Maps.

Businesses using this type of campaign can promote themselves across all Google Ads inventory, which leads to more customers and conversions.

Performance Max helps you achieve your goals in four main ways:

  • Increase conversions and value: Take advantage of real-time conversion opportunities with automatic bid adjustments.
  • Find new clients: Google’s real-time understanding of user intent, behavior, and context can help you target new audiences with more relevant ads.
  • Gain richer insights: The Statistics page now includes data for Performance Max campaigns.
  • Work with automation: Achieve better results with automation by providing high-quality creative assets and information about the audiences that are likely to convert.

Google says that advertisers with Performance Max campaigns in their accounts see an average of 13% more total incremental conversions at a similar CPA.

Performance Max offers a unique benefit to local retailers and businesses, as they have access to ad inventory and formats not available with Smart Shopping or Local Campaigns.

Companies can now run native campaigns on channels like YouTube, Search and Discover, which they weren’t able to do before.

Performance Max is such a premium choice for retailers and local businesses that Google will cancel Smart Shopping and Local campaigns next year.

Performance Max best practices

Here are some tips from Google for getting started with Performance Max campaigns:

  • Setting goalsDefine the goals that matter to your business and improve your campaign to achieve them. Goals can include increasing online sales, attracting potential customers, or increasing offline sales.
  • Set the correct bid strategy from the following options:
    • Smart bids: Set bids automatically based on your goals.
    • Maximize conversion valueAchieve as much conversion value as possible within your budget.
    • Increase conversionsAttract as many conversions as possible.
  • Keep final URL expansion turned on: A new feature called Final URL Expansion helps you find new, converting search queries that your keyword search campaigns may not cover.
  • Download a variety of creative assetsProvide as many text, image and video assets as possible. Automation works best when it has a variety of assets to work with to find the right combinations.
  • Add audience tagsThe most useful audience signals to provide are your data, which includes customer matching, website visitor lists, and custom segments.

Upcoming features in the works

In the coming months, Google will release new features in Performance Max specifically for retailers and businesses with store locations.

Upcoming features will give businesses the option to exclusively optimize campaigns for new customer acquisition.

Retailers with a local inventory feed will see new search and map ad formats supported by their products to help drive more traffic to stores.

Google plans to continue investing in Performance Max and improving its automation technology to help companies achieve better results.

Resources: Google Ads HelpAnd the Google Ads and Commerce Blog

Featured image: Screenshot from, November 2021.

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