Ford Maverick Problems Will Leave Drivers Hydrated

If you’re stuck waiting for your Ford Maverick to fix, you won’t die of thirst. If you need to take your truck in for servicing, it’s not a complete loss because you get a freebie. See what you get for dealing with Ford Maverick recalls.

Ford Maverick problems lead to freebies

2022 Ford Maverick | Alison Barfield, Motor Biscuit

If you have to take your Ford Maverick in for service because of a recall, check the mail. Accordingly, some drivers receive a Ford Maverick-themed Yeti mug with a special note.

2022 Ford Maverick review, prices, and specs

The 2022 Ford Maverick may not have been officially tested for safety assessment yet. We don’t yet know how well it can protect drivers and passengers. But the seatbelt reminder gets a poor rating, which isn’t good. Tell yourself and your passengers to buckle up!

Standard safety features include an automated emergency braking system. Most competitors have more safety features built into their entire lineup. Why would a Maverick hold on to things like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot warning?

Will your Maverick tumbler make up for the lack of safety features and the time lost due to repairs? At least you can bad drinks on maverick if they catch fire! That last bit of jest, Maverick can be a truck safe. Stay tuned for updates.

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