Fiat Killed Its Cute Truck Before the U.S. Even had a Chance

A world full of cars that, unfortunately, we can’t buy in the United States. Sometimes this is due to an inability to meet the regulations, but sometimes the brands just don’t see the value in importing a truck into the US. One of these pickups is the pickup. A car made in collaboration between the Italian car brand and Mitsubishi. It’s also one that could inspire a revived Ram Dakota.

Is Fiat Fullback discontinued?

Unfortunately, the minivan is no longer in production. Multiple factors led to its collapse, including new emissions regulations and poor sales figures. Therefore, even if you wanted to, you could no longer buy a new one.

, Euro 6 emission standards are very strict. They mean that the Fiat Truck is no longer compatible. Both diesel and gas engines are affected, and stricter standards are on the way.

2018 Fiat Fullback | Manfred Schmid via Getty Images

Fullback was only in production from 2016 to 2019, so that’s a fairly short term. In some markets, it is actually known as the Ram 1200. People in the US have been waiting for Ram to release a pickup truck. But, with Fiat production discontinued, it’s unclear if this will actually happen.

The Fiat Fullback looks nice

Perhaps one of the best things about a Fiat truck is its looks. He didn’t look angry. Sounds like a happy pickup. And that’s something we can use more here in the United States. In the video below, regular car reviews delve into the history of the “furious car,” and it just might make you realize just how aggressive many of our cars really look.

The Fiat Fullback comes in four different configurations and has three different trim levels. Because of this, it is likely that the people this vehicle has been sold will find something to suit their needs. It can also be equipped with all-wheel drive, which is a nice feature in a pickup truck.

Can you import a truck into the US?

A car that was not originally sold in the US can be imported, but there are some pretty strict rules. The car can be imported if it meets the American standards. That’s why, if you want to import a Fiat Fullback, you might be out of luck.

Can a Ram Pickup Truck Draw on Fiat?

With brands like Ford and Hyundai continuing to push pickups, Ram is notably absent from this segment. Since Ram falls under the Fiat umbrella, perhaps the brand can use what Fiat has done with the Fullback to build a compact pickup that meets the standards here in the States.

Fiat Fullback, sometimes renamed the Ram minivan.
fiat df | collide – collide
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There have also been rumors that Ram could revive the nameplate Dakota as a pickup truck, but it’s not clear if that will actually happen. Car companies are usually very secretive with future plans.

According to , Ram is considering exploring the mid-size truck segment. And if we took some design inspiration from the Fiat Fullback, we wouldn’t complain.

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