Dodge Challenger Demon 170 Packs 1,025 Asphalt-Kicking Horsepower

Challenger Demon 170 Last Call sample article highlights:

  • The new 2023 Dodge Challenger Demon 170 makes 1,025 horsepower, making it more powerful than the 2018 SRT Demon or any other production Dodge.
  • Its high reserves of horsepower courtesy of 6.2.
  • The Demon 170 is the “last” model and last Challenger of its kind before the automaker discontinues the model after 2023.

The new Dodge Challenger Demon 170 produces 1,025 horsepower, making it the most powerful Dodge ever. correct; It has more horsepower than the now-discontinued SRT Demon. Better yet, the new Dodge model is more powerful than some of the specialized chassis from tuning houses like the .



How many 170 Demons will Dodge make?

Like other Last Call models, the Dodge Challenger is releasing the latest in limited numbers. However, the exact number is not yet clear. However, Dodge says they want to produce the 3300, unlike the original Devil.

Is the Devil 170 the Challenger’s last Dodge?

Unfortunately for Dodge Challenger fans, the Demon 170 will likely be the last gas-powered variant precluding some future electric or hybrid reboots. Still, even with the bittersweet departure of the supercharged V8’s classy soundtrack, electric performance cars of the future will be few.

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