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Collaborate On LinkedIn With AI-Driven Articles

LinkedIn launches Collaborative Articles, a new feature that uses AI-powered prompts to encourage users to share knowledge and insights on various topics.

Collaborative articles have the potential to generate more networking opportunities, help you produce more content, and grow your brand on LinkedIn.

Here’s how they work.

What are Collaborative Articles?

Collaborative Articles are knowledge topics published by LinkedIn with insights and perspectives added by the LinkedIn community.

Collaborative articles begin with developing AI-powered conversation starters with the LinkedIn editorial team.

LinkedIn will create relevant topics for people to write about based on user behavior, content preferences, and other data-driven insights.

Then, using LinkedIn’s skills graph, the platform matches each article with relevant member experts who can contribute their lessons, anecdotes, and advice based on their professional experience.

Article prompts are delivered as notifications, inviting you to share your thoughts on various topics.

You can also collaborate on an article without being notified by clicking “Add your point of view” while reading one.

Screenshot from LinkedIn, March 2023.

Why are Collaborative Articles Valuable to Marketers?

Collaborative articles allow you to learn from industry experts and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your field.

Additionally, you can showcase your expertise and build your professional reputation on LinkedIn by contributing your opinions and viewpoints.

When other users read a collaborative article, they can respond by clicking on the “insightful” reaction, which helps expose the content to your network and peers.

Contributors who consistently produce content, and others rate it as enjoying the statistic, can earn a new “Best Community Voice” badge in their skill area.

This motivates others to contribute their time and expertise to the platform.

LinkedIn can use reaction insight as a vetting system if it wants to mitigate spam, as posts with the most reactions appear before others.

However, the LinkedIn ad does not mention whether the number of reactions a contribution receives affects visibility.

In summary

LinkedIn Collaborations are a valuable addition to professionals looking to stay on top of the latest trends and learn from industry experts.

With this update, LinkedIn is investing in creating more equitable ways to unlock knowledge and compare feedback with others in the same field.

By contributing to a collaborative article, you are showcasing your expertise and building your brand on LinkedIn.

The new feature encourages people to spend more time on and create more content for LinkedIn, which can lead to more networking opportunities.

source: linkedin

Featured image: Mehaniq/Shutterstock

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