BMW Uses AI To Design An X7: Finds It’s Better Than Design Staff

We look at the blueprints and can’t help but wonder what’s going on at BMW Design. From giant beaver-tooth grilles to the scary iX, the German automaker has a big problem. He lacks the ability to shed his pride and honestly evaluate what he is doing. But maybe it’s addressing it by recently appealing to artificial intelligence.

What did BMW Design ask the AI ​​to design?

BMW Design AI rendering | BMW

Right. Without pride or prejudice, AI will produce what you ask of it. And in this case, they’ve been asked to deliver a beefy off-roader to counter the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. What came out is much better. And it’s far more like a BMW than almost anything it’s horrified enthusiasts with in recent years.

. Both forgo the unfortunate beaver-tooth grilles that the design team insists can only be enjoyed by those possessing good taste. It’s so old, “We’ll give you what We you want, not what You Will.”, BMW’s chairman of the board, says that, for better or worse, universally disliked designs get society talking about the company, and that’s the point. Huh?

What did BMW enthusiasts say about AI projects?

BMW design
BMW Design AI rendering | BMW

Back to the AI ​​renders, the Rainforest version is an aggressive off-roader that enhances that purpose with the rack and knobby tires. With the more BMW-like beanbag grille and separate headlamps, it’s a delightful alternative to what BMW Design is doing. And Instagram commenters mostly agree.

BMW iX front beaver tooth | BMW

“AI understands brand identity better than BMW’s design department,” was one we found particularly prescient. Another declares, “Fire your entire design department and start using artificial intelligence.” And finally, “At least the digital art has a nicer front end.”

The other treatment is more of a variation on the X5 but, again, decreases the size of the grille and separates the headlights. It looks like a lifted X5 that follows the lines of the A6 Allroad. And while the slats on the hood are a love-hate-it thing, it’s the kind of BMW that does it, if it wants to get cute with the design.

Is BMW getting more serious about the G-Wagen segment?

BMW design
BMW Design AI rendering | BMW

So far BMW has bypassed the G-Class and Lexus LX segments. It has always approached SUVs from a comfort and luxury perspective, and that’s how it approaches most of its models. And that’s not a bad thing. But previewing these renders shows that the automaker is at least giving it some skin to dive into perhaps more rugged off-roaders. So let’s see a few to feel the pulse of the BMW faithful.

We’re seeing automakers looking at segments they don’t currently compete in. GM is exploring small trucks like the Ford Maverick. And all of them are diving headlong into electrification. So we expect many more surprises in the near future.

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