B2B Content Strategies for SEO & Beyond [Podcast]

Excellent content can be a powerful tool for the B2B world.

It is important to know how it will benefit your company and what SEO strategies you should use.

Cameron Jenkins, Head of Content at Shopify and former Botify & Moz Content Marketer, joins me on the SEJ Show to discuss content marketing strategies for the B2B world and how premium content can help your SEO and multiple marketing channels.

You’ll get insights into the most important factors to consider when considering B2B content strategies.

Search-focused inorganic content is a type of content but not the only type of content. It’s not the only thing content can do. Content is a tool – it is a means to an end. Everything is like how to apply it.– Cameron Jenkins 20:05

I’ve found from my own personal experience that content marketers who are just good content marketers can learn pretty much any topic and move up fairly quickly.Cameron Jenkins, 13:54

We start with the product and its features, and that’s how we build our features. Basically, everything we talk about can relate in some way, shape, or form to the product.Cameron Jenkins, 25:49

[00:00] About Cameron and what drew her to Shopify.
[04:49] – Connectivity between online and offline Shopify.
[07:26] – What Cameron’s daily content looks like and how you put together a team.
[12:00] – Challenges when searching for the book.
[15:06] How to prepare and communicate expectations with stakeholders.
[19:45] Does Cameron go outside of SEO for success metrics?
[25:37] – The importance of the customer and buyer’s decision journey in your content.
[27:22] – What’s great about battle cards.
[32:04] – The difference between small and large company content strategies.
[39:56] – How to update old content.
[43:56] How to identify wrong content.
[45:53] What is the content brief?
[48:20] Important considerations for content marketing strategy for small businesses.
[53:31] Tips for incorporating vertical targeting into your content strategy.

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Prioritizing updates is crucial. I’d like to dig deep to get to the exact level of keywords that we’ve been missing out on most of the posts in this post. Cameron Jenkins, 41:49

Searching can sometimes be very difficult. Patience is a virtue but patience does not always have a place on the table.– Lauren Baker, 15:23

What we do here is not only help you rank, but also help you close every single lead that you get from different conversion funnels.– Lauren Baker, 23:58

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Connect with Cameron Jenkins

Cameron Jenkins is the Content Leader at Shopify. In previous positions, she was Director of Brand, Content and Communications at Botify, SEO Wordsmith at Moz, and Vice President of SEO and Content Strategy at a digital marketing agency that services local and multinational companies across the country.

Drawing on her experience, Cameron loves any opportunity she gets to talk about SEO, content strategy, and digital marketing. Add to it topics on SEO for local businesses, and browse organizational challenges/opportunities.

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