3 Things Tank the 2023 Ford F-150 for Consumer Reports

Oh no, Consumer Reports does not recommend the F-150. How could this be? It’s America’s favorite pickup truck! But just because it’s the favorite truck doesn’t make it the best buy. See what hinders the back.

Consumer Reports does not recommend the 2023 Ford F-150

2023 Ford F-150 | stronghold

The results are out and talking about the 2023 Ford F-150. This full-size truck is not recommended. In fact, only the 2023 Ram 1500 is recommended. Also, the 2023 F-150 is in fifth place.

It has a lower expected reliability rating than its competitors. It is expected to be less reliable than the average new car. However, it has a score of 86 out of 100 for reliability from JDPower.

Anything between 91 to 100 is great, scores between 81 to 90 are good, and anything in the range from 70 to 80 is average. But Consumer Reports and JDPower base their ratings on previous owners’ experiences.

The F-150 is expected to average around 200,000 miles, but it can reach 300,000 miles with proper care and maintenance. If you drive 12,000 miles a year, you can get 17 years of service on the road.

This is slightly behind its competitors. The Toyota Tundra should comfortably get 300,000 miles, and the Ram 1500 should make it between 200,000 and 300,000 miles.

2. The Ford F-150 could have better handling

2023 has a negative score in its routine treatment of Consumer Reports. This relates to how well it performs for daily commuting. But Edmunds shared that he has direct and responsive handling.

The 2023 F-150 looks smaller than it is and is very nimble in parking. It feels confident and stable at highway speeds with predictable brakes.

Why it’s a very comfortable truck Critics admit the 2023 Ram 1500 still has superior ride quality. But the F-150 is still very quiet at higher speeds with robust climate control.

You can also increase comfort by choosing heated, ventilated and massage seats. Plus, the Max Recline feature makes the seats nearly flat for napping.

3. The F-150 could have better emergency handling

A silver Ford F-150 XL pickup truck parked on a rock pile, blue sky visible over the desert in the background.
2023 Ford F-150 XL Rattler | Ford Motor Company

According to Consumer Reports, it can have better responsiveness when pushed to its limits and avoid crashes. So does this mean the F-150 is safe? It is the insurance institute for the highest standards of highway safety.

But competitors like the Toyota Tundra have higher safety ratings. The F-150 is safe, but it got a few acceptable scores rather than good scores during crash tests. Good is the highest possible score.

What hurts the F-150 is that its pre-collision assistance with automatic emergency braking only gets an Advanced score instead of a Superior rating.

So while the 2023 Ford F-150 is a well-rounded, comfortable truck with top towing and payload capacity, it needs some catching up to do. They can be more reliable, have a better ride, and be safer.

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