3 of the Best Used Trucks for Under $30,000 in 2023

So, do you want a user, and your budget is $30,000? Well, you are not alone; Lots of people need a pickup truck that doesn’t come with a very high price tag. Fortunately, there are a few second hand options that can keep you within budget. Today, I’m listing all three for just under $30,000.

To sum it up in the simplest answer, it’s popular because it’s cheaper than getting a new one. Today’s trucks can come with very steep price tags. This means that people on a tight budget may not be able to afford it.

Well, the 2016 Chevy Colorado has only one complaint. This means that the engine can malfunction due to worn valve seats. Now, that doesn’t mean that’s the only problem this midsize truck can have. But it should give you some peace of mind.

2016 Chevy Colorado | Todd Korol via Getty Images

The 2016 Colorado has a variety of engine options, including diesel. In addition, you can get all-wheel drive. Getting one that fits this particular price range should be fairly easy. Heck, you wouldn’t even have to settle for one with over 100,000 miles on the clock.

2. 2017 Ford F-150

For decades, the F-150 was really the truck. Sure, it doesn’t always outperform things like the Ram 1500, but the F-Series line is very popular with consumers. This is part of the last generation of this model. But there’s still a lot to like about it.

A group of 2017 Ford F-150 trucks in a parking lot.  Now, it's an affordable used pickup.
2017 Ford F-150 | Joe Riedel via Getty Images

A range of engine options are available, and the Blue Oval has a long list of trim levels. If you want a used truck for under $30,000, you can find an F-150 from this year with about 100,000 miles.

1.2019 Honda Ridgeline

Now, it’s not your typical truck. It rides on a unibody platform, and because it looks a lot like a Honda Pilot, its driving dynamics are very much like a car. But, where the used Ridgeline from 2019 shines is the standard V6 and AWD system.

While the Honda truck may not be as capable or durable as other models, it consistently earns praise. What might hold it back is the fact that consumers don’t see it as a real truck. But she can pull, and she can pull. In addition, its interior design looks very nice.

The 2019 Honda Ridgeline is in the field.  You can find this used truck for under $30,000.
Honda Ridgeline | Jim Mahoney via Getty Images
3 of the best used trucks under $20,000 in 2023

After all, when it comes to trucks, people tend to get more than they need. This 10k towing rating and massive structure make people excited. Unfortunately, the Honda Ridgeline doesn’t have that.

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