2 Gimmicky Features of the New Ram 1500 Revolution EV That Aren’t Very Useful

On day one of CES 2023, the new Ram 1500 Revolution EV was revealed. This is Ram’s first all-electric pickup truck, and it’s a revolutionary pickup truck. This stunner brings many amazing features that can be very useful, but a couple of tricks are nothing more than that.

Ram 1500 Revolution EV shown and reviewed

Ram 1500 Revolution EV unveiled at CES 2023 | RAM

Suicide doors, massive 35-inch wheels, a gorgeous glass roof, large infotainment screen, and rugged construction are all part of the new EV Ram truck. This first-of-its-kind electric truck from Ram ranks first in the electric truck world. It comes with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. You will also see some features that you could not have dreamed of before.

Highlights many features of Revolution. These include electrical outlets, a charging port, flush door handles, side steps, and a rear step. These are all features that are expected to make it to production.

Some features may not make their way into the production version of this new Ram EV. We have two features that you may not want to see on your Ram EV

How useful is a long truck tunnel in this electric Ram truck?

Ram EV Electric Truck 18ft
18ft Ram EV Electric Truck | RAM

One of the distinguishing features of the new Ram 1500 Revolution is the tunnel that runs the entire length of the truck. This tunnel goes through the trunk, firewall, cabin, middle gate, and into the bed. This tunnel is 18 feet long, but it’s not very long or wide.

He gives approximate measurements for this opening at 1 foot by 1 foot, though it is more rectangular than square. However, this small size does not allow for carrying many long enough items. While you can carry a few panels or pipes long enough to get from the front of the truck to the back of the truck, how often will you use that space?

Most working professionals who regularly carry long materials need more space. They either have a roof rack mounted to their truck for this purpose or carry them in a trailer. Can you imagine sitting next to the pipes or panels that run from the front of the truck to the back of the vehicle? While the new Ram EV’s pass-through tunnel is cool, it’s not very useful for most truck owners.

Do third-row seats make sense in the Ram 1500 Revolution EV?

Third jump seats Ram 1500 Revolution EV
Third Jump Seats Ram 1500 Revolution EV | RAM

The cabin space of the new Ram EV is nearly four inches longer than that of the regular Ram 1500. This allows a pair of mini jump seats to be installed behind the second row to create a virtual third-row van.

These jump seats may be useful but they are not comfortable. It’s big enough for two little kids when you take this truck out on the trails. In fact, these benches are so completely bare that most people would rather walk than sit on them.

Although the new car’s jump seats are little more than a gimmick, their presence has two benefits. One benefit is that these seats can be removed. These can then be mounted on top of the tailgate to form a pair of folding chairs. This could be great for connecting with your friends. This may make it useful to you. The second advantage is the extra space behind the second row of seats. This is great for carrying some extra gear.

The new EV Ram truck is pretty cool and it’s full of cutting edge and futuristic items that we hope will make it to market. However, you may not want to see the traffic tunnel or jump seats on your electric Ram truck when it heads into production.

Then, check out or learn more about the new Ram 1500 Revolution EV in this video below:

Ram EV’s full-size electric pickup truck promises class-leading capabilities and introduces some new innovations, too. Link in bio for a first look at the Electricramtrucks 1500.

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