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YouTube Keyword Research Made Easier With Search Insights

YouTube is launching a new feature designed to simplify keyword research so you can create more content around the topics people are searching for.

Research insights It is an experimental feature that is currently being tested in YouTube Studio.

You use Search Insights to collect data about:

  • what for you The public is looking for it
  • What is the general YouTube audience searching for?
  • Estimated search volume for each query
  • Whether there is a ‘content gap’ for a given search term

Search Insights can help plan content as data is a strong indicator of the types of videos people want to watch.

This data can help create more relevant content that matches your audience’s interests.

Here’s more information about search trends and what you can do with them.

What are YouTube search trends?

YouTube Search Insights gives creators the ability to see what has been searched for in the last 28 days.

All insights are in aggregate form, which means that it is not possible to track individual searches of individual users.

Research Insights has two main parts. First, you can find out what your audience and viewers of your YouTube channel are searching for.

Second, you can look at all of your viewers’ searches for any keyword across thousands of topics on YouTube.

Within these datasets, YouTube is testing another new feature called Content Gaps.

Search becomes a content gap when viewers can’t find the information they were looking for.

If viewers can’t find any results for a particular search query, or if the content they find is of low quality, it will be marked as a content gap.

Now that you know the basics of search trends, here’s where to access them and how to use them.

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How to use YouTube Search Insights

Access search statistics by logging in Youtube studio and clicking on Analytics in the right menu.

Once there, go to File Search section and look for a tab titled “Viewer searches“.

Screenshot from, November 2021.

Here you will find the top searches from viewers or viewers of channels similar to yours.

The data for each search term is separated into several columns.

The first column shows the keyword’s estimated search volume which ranges from high, to medium, to low.

Another column shows the number of views your channel has received from searches for that keyword in the last 28 days.

Then, you can explore what the broader YouTube audience is searching for by clicking the “Searches via YouTubetab.

Type a topic name or a specific keyword into the search bar to get the data.

Search for keywords in youtubeScreenshot from, November 2021.

The example above shows keyword results related to how things are done on YouTube.

These are real queries that people are looking for. You can even filter the results to include only content gaps.

This can be a good starting point for researching potential ideas for your next video.

Search Trends is currently rolling out, but keep in mind that it is in beta. This means that not everyone will have access to it right away.

YouTube says it will make another announcement when it expands Search Insights to more users.

For more information, see the video below:

Featured image: makeushi1/Shutterstock

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