You Could Haul a Telephone Pole in the Ram Revolution Electric Pickup Truck–if You Wanted To

We got our first preview of an electric future with the automotive revolution’s concept truck. This EV prototype showcases several ways an electric powertrain can change the look and function of a pickup truck. One is the “lane hatch” along the truck that allows you to load long items out of bed through the front bed. For example, a ram thorn can hold a telephone pole as small as 18 feet in diameter.

The Revolution EV concept is a uniquely shaped Ram truck

Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

The 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution is the first concept vehicle built on the Stellantis. It has a complete truck frame with a 500-mile battery pack tucked between the frame rails. Two electric motors – one for each axle – are also attached to this frame.

/ transmission / shaft drive / gas tank. As a result, Ram was able to remake its revolution and redefine what a pickup truck is.

Ram has moved the Revolution’s firewall four inches forward than the current generation 1500. This allows the electric truck to have a full-size pickup bed and a massive cab with three rows of seats.

Ram also pioneered a rail system for attaching its seats and tying cargo, which runs over the single load floor from the front bed (rear bed) to the tailgate. Finally, it created a folding “middle gate” between the cab and bed and a “passage” hatch between the cab and trunk. The result is an 18-square-foot storage area.

The electric revolution could carry a telephone pole

The three-row cab of the Ram Revolution electric truck, with all its doors open and the lights in the background.
Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

Dropping the Ram Revolution’s middle gate creates a continuous load floor from the backdoor to the firewall. You can move the bucket seats, or even the second-row seats back in the bed or forward to create more space. You can also open and remove the center console. But you don’t have to stop there.

Can you picture the pistes that many sedans have? Fold-out slots in the rear seat store a long item half in the trunk and the other half in the passenger compartment. Well, Ram Revolution has one, but it’s in the firewall. When you open this passage hatch, you can pass a thin element of the cab, forward into the trunk. This would be a great way to store your skates. But you can store longer items.

What 18-foot objects can you hold in your ram? Well, the front driveway hatch is about one foot square, but it’s rectangular. So you insert eighteen feet of pipe, lumber, or rebar into the Ram Revolution, and then put the door back up. You can also thread a longer, but equally thin piece if you leave the tailgate down.

The ram’s revolution lane may be too small for a full-size telephone pole. But you can certainly insert a thinner telephone pole (such as used in a small line running down a long hallway) into the Ram’s Revolution.

Will you ever need to move a single, thin telephone pole? Mostly not. But it would be nice to know you could if you wanted to.

Will the Ram Revolution arcade make it into production?

Close-up of the Ram Revolution electric pickup truck.
The Ram 1500 revolutionized the battery electric vehicle (BEV) frunk concept

The Ram 1500 Revolution that debuted at CES is just that, a concept car. According to the parent company, it will not be the electric van that goes into production in 2024.

As cool as the concept truck’s continuous loading floor is, the production vehicle will likely have a carpeted cabin. This means that you will not want to pass particularly dirty building materials through the pass-through hole.

But will the Ram 1500 have a passage between the cab and the trunk? We bet on that. This type of door has already proven to be an easy way to carry long items like sleds in sedans. With the Ram Revolution’s glass roof, owners might hesitate to strap skis up.

Now, will the production Ram Revolution have a flat-folding center door? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Find out next about electrics or watch the Ram revolution for yourself in the video below:

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