Watch Helicopter Drop Car 500 Feet Into Orbeez Pool: Does It Survive? — MrBeast Viral Video!

One of the great things is that they provide a seemingly endless means of entertainment. And sometimes, this car entertainment takes a whimsical turn. MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, popular YouTuber and philanthropist, often explores the fun aspects of cars with elaborate stunts on YouTube videos and other social media channels, such as Facebook Watch. The latest is a video in which Donaldson and the “Beast Team” drop an old Dodge Charger 500 feet from a helicopter—into a bunch of a billion Orbeez. Watch the car to see if the car survives a hard fall.

MrBeast Facebook Watch the video: Dodge Charger dropped by helicopter into a billion Orbeez

Dodge Charger suspended from a helicopter | MrBeast via Facebook Watch

MrBeast is one of the most popular video content creators on the planet. With over 127 million subscribers, his YouTube channel is the fourth most subscribed on the platform. He also has the most subscribers per capita.

. However, he has created several unique and funny car-related videos. For the latest, a helicopter “takes” his friend Tariq’s old Dodge Charger, lifts it 569 feet in the air — and then drops it into a giant pool of a billion Orbeez.

Orbeez are small beads that expand when filled and contract when exposed to air. They were originally invented to retain moisture in the soil for plants, but are now a popular children’s toy with a variety of uses.

MrBeast’s YouTube channel has the most views out of all his platforms. However, he posted this video, titled “Can 1 Billion Orbeez Save Car Tareq’s Car,” on Facebook Watch. Posted on December 16, 2022, it quickly went viral with over 43 million views.

Can a billion Orbeez save Tariq’s Dodge Charger?

A Dodge Charger fell 500 feet by helicopter into Orbeez Pond in MrBeast's Facebook video
Dodge Charger located in Orbeez Pond | MrBeast via Facebook Watch

The video begins with MrBeast directing Tariq’s attention to the distant helicopter. He said, “What do you think there?” Tariq replies, “This is my car! Wait, this is my car!”

Donaldson then shows footage of Tariq on a tablet to a helicopter that picks him up in a parking lot. Tariq said: I literally parked my car [there] earlier today.” He watched in shock as the helicopter lifted the Charger higher and higher—up to 569 feet above the massive Orbeez Pond.

The monster team counts down: “3, 2, 1!” Tariq said, “No, no, no!” Mr. Best then yelled through a walkie-talkie to the helicopter pilot, “Drop the car!” The helicopter released the cable holding the charger, and gravity went to work. The car fell quickly, and plunged discreetly into the Orbeez Pond, spurting a giant splash of water.

Watch the video below to see if Tariq’s charger survived the fall. Facebook Watch works best on mobile devices, but has been known to be choppy on desktop and laptop computers. So, if the video is slow loading, just click on this channel link to watch it there.

After Tariq’s Dodge Charger falls, Mr. Beast yells, “Open the gates!” Tariq had a worrying look on his face. The pool gates flung open, and then multicolored rivers of Orbeez flowed into the parking lot.

Chris, another member of the Beast Team, takes off for a jaunt in the Sea of ​​Orbeez. Donaldson yelled, “Chris, no, come back! There’s a car over there!” Soon after, Charger Orbeez pulled into the parking lot. Tariq shouted: Here is my car! He was devastated! As the dismounted bumper slid toward Chris, he yelled, “Hey, tell your bumper to watch out!” You almost hit me! “

The car was destroyed in the fall – but it really wasn’t Tariq’s: Mr. Best had swapped it

A devastating car ride on the Orbeez wave in the parking lot
Dodge Charger in the Sea of ​​Orbeez | MrBeast via Facebook Watch

Looking closely at his blur, Tariq exclaimed, “No, no, no, no, my baby!” However, to Tariq’s relief, Mr. Beast reveals that it is not, in fact, his car. The helicopter picked up his car and dropped it in the middle of a random field. Then, the helicopter picked up a nearly identical replica decoy car—and dropped that car into Orbeez’ pond.

“What’s going on?” Tarek said, confused. Donaldson explained the trick with the “switcheroo” car. Tarek then said to MrBeast, “I don’t like you right now.”

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