The Wait for the New Toyota 4Runner Just Got Longer

We don’t have the best news for 4Runner fans. We’ve all been waiting for the next generation to arrive and it looks like we could wait a few more months. New rumors suggest the 2025 will be redesigned, not the 2024 model.

When will the Toyota 4Runner be redesigned?

2025 Toyota 4Runner Renderings | The sketch monkey

The next generation could arrive in 2024 or 2025. While some people expected to see the new model in 2023, there isn’t much information to back it up. The new 4Runner may have been delayed until 2025.

Toyota may be preparing for the launch of the Land Cruise Prado in America, which may push back the 4Runner.

Also, rumors suggest that the new Toyota Tacoma has been delayed for a few months. It may not go into production until early 2024 instead of late 2023. That means the 2025 Toyota Tacoma will be redesigned, not the 2024 truck.

Also, the Tacoma should come out first. If it’s lagging, 4Runner is probably lagging too. We’ve seen spy photos of the Tacoma preparing for testing, but clues about the 4Runner are harder to come by.

Why should the 2025 4Runner be delayed?

Several factors could cause a delay in 2025. The current global shortage of semiconductor chips and other supply chain issues have impacted the entire automotive industry.

Without chips, vehicles lose electronic functionality for climate controls, cameras, cylinder deactivation, and safety features. In addition, tire rubber, seat foam, hard top materials and upholstery have supply constraints.

Also, the new TNGA-F platform was in short supply. This may have caused each new model release to be deferred for a year. Both the new Tacoma and the 4Runner will ride on a smaller, modified version of this platform.

Last but not least, Toyota can afford to wait. The Toyota 4Runner is still incredibly popular, with too much demand to keep up.

How much power will the sixth generation 4Runner have?

2025 Toytoa 4Runner renderings
2025 Toytoa 4Runner Renderings |

2025 should leave behind the current 4.0-litre V6 engine with 270PS and 278Nm of torque for something more fuel efficient. The outdated five-speed automatic transmission will probably also be replaced.

Rumors suggest the 4Runner could get the turbocharged 2.4-liter inline-four engine from the Lexus NX350. It produces 275hp and 317Nm of torque.

Don’t forget the Toyota 4Runner Hybrid. If the 4Runner goes partially electric, the 2.4-litre Max Hybrid powertrain with 340PS and 400Nm of torque would be exciting. This setup is currently paired with the Toyota Crown.

An electric 4Runner model could arrive later as part of a mid-cycle or seventh-generation refresh. The 4Runner may share the same engines as the new Toyota Tacoma. Maybe we’ll get more clues when it finally comes out.

We’re monitoring updates to the six-generation Toyota 4runner, so stay tuned for the latest news. Hopefully it arrives later this year for 2024!

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