The New Ram Electric Truck Shows What Its Made of at CES 2023

The 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the unveiling site for the new electric van. This new pickup truck will compete with other half-ton electric pickup trucks on the market, raising expectations much higher than they have been for other electric pickup trucks. Does this new one have what it takes to outlast other EV pickups?

What Ram’s first electric pickup truck brings to the electric pickup truck segment

The first is expected to be introduced as part of the 2024 model year. After months of development, the production version of the Ram arrives in Las Vegas, ready to reveal itself at CES 2023. This new electric Ram should compete with the Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevy Silverado EV, and GMC Sierra EV, Tesla Cybertruck, and Rivian R1T.

We’re told the Ram 1500 EV claims a diving range of 500 miles, 10,000 pounds of towing capacity, and fast charging speeds of up to 150 kWh. This new electric vehicle could also offer some self-driving capabilities.

Does the Ram EV Truck Have an Official Name?

Ram 1500E in a teaser photo RAM

As far as we know, there is no official name for the new electric Ram. A more logical name would be to call it simply the Ram 1500 EV, but other names have been thrown around. This new electric vehicle can go by the Ram Revolution or Ram 1500 REV. The name may not matter as much as what this truck brings to the table.

Did Ram change the rear suspension for the new EV pickup truck?

Similar to other electric trucks that share names with their gas-powered counterparts, we see a change in the rear suspension. The new electric Ram truck features an independent rear suspension with coil springs. This creates more room for more batteries. In this way, this electric Ram offers a premium on driving range, a quality expected in the world of electric pickup trucks.

Although most trucks use solid axles, direct rear suspension systems are preferred for improved hauling, hauling and drag racing. While we don’t think most owners will race their new Ram 1500 EV, having a direct rear suspension could make the truck faster during a high-speed race.

Will the electric Ram truck offer multiple body styles?

The pickup truck market as a whole has changed. Many pickups now only offer one body style instead of three. Ram offered only two body styles for past generations of pickups. The new electric Ram truck may only come in the passenger compartment with a 6-foot-4-inch bed. This is another way the new Ram 1500 EV can be similar to the other EV pickup truck on offer.

How much will a Ram EV truck cost?

Teaser of the new Ram 1500 EV.
Teaser for Ram Revolution | Stellantis Media

The new electric Ram truck won’t arrive until 2024. It’s expected to be competitively priced at around $40,000. With more half-ton trucks entering the electric pickup truck market, we may see the prices of these electric trucks fall into a more reasonable price range.

CES 2023 is already in the works. Soon, we’ll have more details to share about the new Ram 1500 EV.

Next, check out why you’ll want to drive, or learn more about the upcoming electric Ram truck in this video below:

Ram Revolution: A revolutionary truck and a new way to make decisions

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