The Best Honda SUVs for Reliability and Potential Lifespan

If you ask the owners, they’re some of the best options on the street. A recent study looks like these are Honda’s best SUVs for reliability and will hopefully last 200,000 miles or more. For those who aren’t set on a , there’s a good option for a truck and even a minivan.

One of the best Honda SUVs for reliability is the Pilot

When it looked at some of the SUVs with the longest potential lifespans, the Honda Pilot was in the top 20. Studies have found that some on the road have the potential to last 236,807 miles or more. This means that some riders on the road have more than that number of miles, which isn’t guaranteed. Still, having a few high-mileage Honda Pilot SUVs on the road is a good sign for someone looking for a long-term vehicle.

Potential lifespan was 215,930 miles. That means some have worked even longer. What can you do to get your Honda SUV up to 215,000 miles? Regular maintenance such as oil changes, coolant flushes and replacing parts as needed will help extend the life of any vehicle.

Compared to some of the CR-V’s competitors, this Honda came in first for the most durable, safest and most fuel-efficient SUV. A new Honda CR-V starts at just over $32,000 and tops out at $39,000 for upscale trim. iSeeCars says buyers can anticipate paying between $27,000 and $36,000 for a three-year version.

Honda’s CR-V was the second most reliable vehicle in the small SUV category. More than 1.4% of Honda CR-Vs on the road have more than 200,000 miles, which is still higher than the 0.9% average. The CR-V is a good option on the list of best Honda SUVs for reliability.

Don’t overlook the Ridgeline and Odyssey


If you’re still interested in a Honda with long life potential but aren’t sold on an SUV, the Ridgeline truck and Odyssey minivan are worth a second look. It was actually in the top 10 overall, with a potential life span of 248,669 miles. Buyers like the Ridgeline because it’s as comfortable as an SUV but has the capacity of a truck. For those interested in the Honda Odyssey, that minivan’s potential life span was 235,852 miles.

While the CR-V and Pilot are some of Honda’s best SUVs for reliability, the automaker has plenty of other vehicles to choose from. However, you may have a better shot at getting 200,000 miles in these two SUVs.

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