SEO For Tourism: How To Outrank The Competition & Get Found

Vacation dreams are getting closer to becoming a reality, and consumers are already starting to take steps to plan their next long-awaited trip.

Whether they’re booking tickets or shopping for bags, the first stop on their travel agenda is Google.

So, how do you make sure your business is the one they see first?

Rachel Vandernik, Principal Consultant and Founder of The Vander Group, joins me on SEJ to give you insights into positioning your brand to attract users from all angles and at every stage of the planning and travel experience.

Find out how to make your business visible and benefit from the resurgence of hospitality and tourism from the post-Covid world.

This is the time to think about how you can reimagine the customer experience.– Rachel Vandernik 13:19

This person may not be ready to book today, but they are interested enough to stay connected to your brand.– Rachel Vandernik, 24:57

Very little travel is in click-buy or click-book, and if you’re just trying to create content and improve rankings when you expect people to book, you’ve missed out on a whole season of planning.– Rachel Vandernik, 19:23

00:00 – A little introduction about Rachel.
05:41 – Changes Rachel noticed in the travel research environment.
08:58 – Tips and techniques to better market to local travelers.
15:55 – How to rank based on content.
20:31 – How difficult is it to properly attribute organic search to travel and tourism companies?
30:01 – Tips for a yacht charter company.
36:48 – How important is it to get links from travel blogs or local guides?
39:24 – What are the differences in strategies between regular travel and luxury travel?
42:34 – Suggestions for small fledgling travel companies.
46:11 – Question about single rounds without indexing different combinations of keywords.
53:18 – Rachel’s experiences putting together subject groups.

For more information on tourism SEO, check out Rachel’s article that inspired this podcast.

Mentioned resources:

If you’re only writing content to sell your work from a search perspective, I think you’re missing the point of SEO.– Rachel Vandernik, 36:37

You want the consumer to have a good time. So, make your content work hard for you, to enhance the customer experience, and to help lead them down the path to purchase.– Rachel Vandernik, 35:22

Whether you’re a local restaurant, or maybe a privately owned hotel, there’s a lot you can do to get that jump on what the most important corporate websites might be doing because you know what’s going on in your area.– Lauren Baker, 57:18

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She has deep experience in e-commerce marketing in the areas of beauty, lifestyle and travel. Rachel is also a writer for Search Engine Journal and has spoken at Paid Search conferences around the world:

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