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SEO For Ecommerce & The Future Of Google Shopping [Podcast]

Sometimes SEO and other marketing integrations can be overlooked when doing migrations or other development projects, especially on the e-commerce side.

Altogether, you can’t do one without the other. So the search engine and conversion bits are just as important as the technical bits.

Join me at the SEJ Show to discuss SEO in general for e-commerce and DTCs, the Google Merchant Center/Shopping, the importance of CRO & Upsells for SEO (and other channels), and ways to prepare for shopping season in… 2022 holiday season.

Shopify Plus can be a good fit if you have a small business. However, you need more customization if you have a more complex interaction with more business rules and logic. Big trade owners usually float on the big trade side of things. –Ethan Given, 12:38

Create the best framework programmatically. The best framework is to think about how the model should be laid out. What is a template hierarchy, what are the components, and how do sites relate to each other from an internal linking point of view? So I’m just a believer that many of the things we did back in the day still work. – Ethan Given, 16:11

Let’s say you’re new to a company and hear about posting. In this case, we hope that there are archives within the company that people have used before. There are lists of redirects that have been incorporated and implemented into the site. Simply cleaning that registry can be incredibly impactful. But again, it has to do with human behavior and the ability to make things more efficient. –Lauren Baker, 20:37

[00:00] About Ethan.
[12:14] – The most common issues that are overlooked during immigration.
[24:44] – An essential factor to consider when building an e-commerce site.
[31:48] What do you do when the product is not sold?
[35:18] Instruction chart recommendation.
[37:23] – What is the offer on the e-commerce side?
[41:29] – Recommendation on optimization from an ad text perspective.
[43:01] – Improved schema integration on the catalog side.
[48:55] The e-commerce companies that Ethan has worked with.

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Every app you install in your store has a load. Every type of application related to front office sales, reviews, sales, cross-selling, on-site search, out-of-stock notifications – everything has a component that loads in the browser, creating a heavier page. – Ethan Given, 25:15

People don’t think margin enough. So how do you promote those products and get people to buy things at a better margin versus the more popular? So he’s really thinking about how to improve the catalog. – Ethan Given, 47:32

If you have a business and you’re moving to another building, you don’t just bring the storefront with you. You have to bring everything you have to bring desks, desks and everything. So if you’re migrating a site, you’re not just forwarding the first and top page like groups or categories. You should take care of everything – blog, subdomains, subfolder structures, etc. Lauren Baker, 22:56

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Ethan Geffen, CEO of GrooveCommerce, has been a leading e-commerce and web analytics expert for most of his career. Conversion rates, search engine visibility, and web analytics are all things he knows inside and out. However, he is passionate about helping companies succeed online without having to become experts.

There are only a few people like Ethan. His love of SEO, conversion rates, and e-commerce goes hand in hand with his passion for traveling and DJing in between – not to mention those little squares!

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