Remembering Isuzu: America’s Long-Lost Maker of Weird SUVs

Many moons ago, in an era known as the 1980s, an automaker was producing strange and unique SUVs for the American market. Originating from Japan, this marque competed with the likes of Toyota and Mitsubishi to deliver capable and memorable utility vehicles. Could have for these shores. But his name remains in memory:.

lists Isuzu SUVs over the years. Here are some of the highlights.

. Massive ground clearance, standard all-wheel drive with low range and off-road tires deliver outstanding all-terrain performance. Still, it’s kind of weird to see.

Will Isuzu SUVs return to the US?

Isuzu may no longer sell new models in the United States, but its legacy lives on in the import market. The brand’s Japanese domestic market “kei” trucks have become social media darlings and enthusiasts have flocked to them. Meanwhile, the hugely popular trend of overlanding has kept models like the Isuzu Trooper and Isuzu Rodeo relevant.

We may never see each other again. If this continues, we can still fondly recall a time when Isuzu held its unique place in the industry. Cheers, Isuzu.

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