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New eCommerce Platform Helps SMBs Reach Millions of Potential Buyers has announced a new e-commerce platform that provides a way for small and medium businesses to get online and start selling, managing inventory across multiple marketplaces, in an easy-to-build, easy-to-manage solution that also comes with SEO built into it.

I asked what made this platform different.

They answered:

“E-commerce business owners who need a way to grow and sell online will be able to do so without any technical skills. And do it fast.

Trying to figure out how to do an online business (learn how to dropship, manage inventory, wire all those tools) is hard and intimidating.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

We are witnessing the democratization of products, customer experience and expertise.

While SMEs have always been more agile, they didn’t have the tools or knowledge to take advantage of this feature but that has changed.

Small businesses today can go from idea to business in just a matter of hours.

Small business owners can now pair their agility and resourcefulness with digital tools (such as online stores, inventory management, and SEO) to level the playing field against them. big companies Or more Existing companies. solution offers a single A place that small and medium-sized businesses can manage everyone Daily tasks of running an online business.

They can quickly put their products up for sale on their own website and on marketplaces like Etsy, reach about 80 million potential buyers, and manage all of their customers’ orders in one place.

Small and medium businesses can also manage fulfillment, product list updates, restocking, reporting, and more.

And with their automated 24/7 inventory sync technology, their product quantities will be shown accurately Everywhere They are selling.

So basically, it all comes together to offer an easy-to-build, easy-to-manage solution with fast, simple shipping processes and the ability to grow as our customer’s business grows.” e-commerce platform is part of Newfold Digital, a company that owns brands like Yoast, Network Solutions, HostGator, and many other big brands.

They announced a new product that allows small businesses to not only create an attractive website but also to manage every aspect of online sales on the back end.

The website builder interface is easy to use. It uses a familiar click and create user interface that is very easy to use by design.

Screenshot of the intuitive drag and drop website builder interface

More than just a website builder

The new e-commerce solution provides a backend that allows companies to manage every aspect of running an online business, including inventory management.

The platform integrates with major shipping companies, payment methods, and many marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and even dropshipping companies.

Inventory Management

All of the e-commerce company’s inventory is organized and managed in the backend of the platform.

The company can determine where the products are stored, even by the aisle and container location.

The company maintains stock levels within the platform which can also be automated by connecting to the warehouse or supplier system via the feed management system.

Once connected, the business owner can automate the file transfer of product information, a feature available in the eCommerce Premium tier.

A useful feature is that once an item is sold on the company’s website or marketplace integration, the platform will update the product’s inventory across all connected marketplaces.

So if you’re selling a product on eBay, the inventory will be updated via Walmart’s marketplace.

SEO built in

Another useful feature is that SEO is built into the product.

The platform runs monthly health checks that provide a list of action items to improve website performance, such as finding broken links, flagging duplicate meta tags, and reporting page speed.

There are also interactive lists of SEO tasks and structured data capabilities.

Market integration

The highlight of this ecommerce selling platform is the feature that manages sales and inventory across multiple marketplaces.

Some of the markets in which the products can be sold are:

Facebook Business, which allows businesses to sell their products on both Facebook and Instagram.

They can also list and manage their products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Bonanza, and Google.

Shipping integration

The product integrates with major shipping organizations such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon Prime, Canada Post, and many more.

Total ecommerce store management

The platform provides a way for companies to manage almost every area of ​​running a business online.

Among the features:

Dropshipping management

Merchants can contact suppliers via the feed management system to automatically sync product data, order data, and tracking details when suppliers fulfill an order.

An automated feed system allows dropouts to contact their suppliers to automate the data transfer process.

Dropshippers can automatically send new orders to their suppliers on an interval basis, as well as receive product data, shipping and tracking details.

Purchase orders management

From creating purchase orders, emailing suppliers, and receiving products, to being updated everywhere a merchant sells

Advanced inventory management capabilities

Multi-site tracking, different supplier SKUs and market IDs for a single product, product grouping, barcode generation, variants, and automatic quantity synchronization.

Shipping management

The backend connects to major carriers like USPS, FedEx, and DHL, and provides a way to print shipping labels, packing slips, and other useful features.

A complete e-commerce solution

The e-commerce platform gives small and medium businesses the ability to compete online with the same level of automation as large businesses but with the competitive advantage of a flexible small business.

The new platform offers more than just a store builder, it’s the all-in-one ecommerce management platform.

the quote

Read the official announcement has launched a new e-commerce product to help customers sell online eCommerce Platform page

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