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Meta Reportedly Developing Privacy-Friendly Ad Options

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is said to be developing a new type of ad that will rely on less user data for targeting.
Rather than relying on personal data, ads will be measured using key metrics such as engagement and video views.
Initially reported by Business Insider, this product is said to be for advertisers seeking to build brand awareness and shape product perception.
Pricing has not been announced and as of now, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has not commented.

Changes that appear to be driven by privacy changes

Meta ad revenue has been on shaky ground since the release of iOS 14 in September 2020, which allowed iPhone users to opt out of having their data collected. This feature is expected to cost Facebook approx $16 billion in lost revenue In 2022 alone.
last april in meta Announcing the results of the first quarter 2022CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed concerns about what this could mean for the social media giant and addressed its strategy going forward.

“We’re dealing with the headwinds of signal loss…that means increasing first-party understanding of what people care about by making it easier for people to engage with businesses in our apps — whether that’s completing purchases on Facebook or Instagram, or messaging businesses,” Zuckerberg said on the call. “It also means making sure we build the best privacy-enhancing technologies to provide accurate targeting and measurement to advertisers even when purchases aren’t made within our apps.”

The quality of the ads can offset the lack of precise targeting

If “basic ads” are based on engagement and video views, as they are reported, this could mean that the reach and performance of the ad will depend on the amount of engagement it generates.
An ad with a high level of engagement will theoretically reach a larger audience. However, this exposure will be somewhat offset by viewers who will never convert into customers.

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