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LinkedIn Rolls Out Sales Navigator Search & CRM Card Updates

LinkedIn Sales Solutions announced a slate of updates to its Sales Navigator platform today, including improvements to the search experience, CRM integration, and new homepage improvements.

These new features are intended to enhance efficiency for advertisers and sellers. Features will be rolled out throughout the first quarter of 2022.

Since its inception in 2017, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has become an important part of many organizations’ sales funnel.

The new search experience for LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The first update comes in the form of a better visualization of the search experience.

When you go to the search toolbar, LinkedIn Sales Navigator will now display all available filters.

Additional options that will appear include “Company Headquarters” and “TeamLink’s Connections”.

When filtering for target audience, results will be updated in real time. This update makes finding your target audience or accounts easier and less time consuming.

Image credit:, February 2022

Sales Navigator and CRM integration updates

The second feature improvement from LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for Advanced Plus users.

Sales Navigator can already link to your CRM system (via Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce) to manage contacts. LinkedIn has added a new tool to this integration called the “Opportunities at Risk” list.

This feature provides a report of people who have left open opportunities, directly in Sales Navigator.

The usefulness of this feature helps you prioritize your efforts during critical times, as well as improve the quality of your pipeline.

New upgraded CRM cards in LinekdIn Sales Navigator.Image credit:, February 2022

Enhanced CRM Cards is another update to CRM integration. These CRM-optimized cards are added to account pages and contact pages, reducing the need to switch between platforms.

You can view this information directly in the Sales Navigator, with the option to click directly into your CRM.

New homepage features

The last feature LinkedIn announced was updates to the new homepage, which launched last quarter. The homepage has been a welcome addition to sales teams that offer customized insights into key accounts.

LinkedIn has updated the Alerts feed, priority accounts section, and added a new “Bookmark Alerts” tab.

Updated homepage features for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.Image credit:, February 2022

With the priority accounts section, you can upload the most important accounts for your business. For example, with so many people confusing companies or professions, you can keep tabs on when you increase headcount or headcount.


Sales is a challenging market right now with a lot of ups and downs. The new LinkedIn Sales Navigator experience brings more efficiencies to sales teams.

By reducing the amount of time spent on audience and research goals and deepening your CRM insights, your team will be on their way to closing more deals in a shorter period of time.

Look The LinkedIn Sales Navigator release notes repository For more information on this and other recent updates.

Source: Boost day-to-day efficiency with new Sales Navigator featureslinkedin

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