How Did the Ford F-150 Lightning Win MotorTrend’s Truck of the Year?

When the F-150 Lightning was announced, it made waves throughout the industry. Here you have a major brand converting its flagship car into an electric car. And as an electric truck, the Lightning is very popular, even after the price hike. In fact, the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning was named MotorTrend’s Truck of the Year. Serious honor for the newcomer.

The Ford Lightning is one of the first mainstream electric trucks

Electric vehicles have been around for some time, and so have electric models. But with the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning, it really does look like one is really going to go mainstream. Sure, brands like Rivian have legitimately great cars, and they’re an icon. And it was built by one of the most famous manufacturers.

Lightning appeals to a wide audience. More importantly, it must attract the traditional truck buyer. One of its advantages is that it doesn’t try too hard to be an EV. If you see one on the road, you might think it’s just an ordinary Ford pickup truck.

How many miles can the F-150 Lightning fly on a single charge?

As mentioned, the Ford Electric Truck has a range of up to 320 miles. However, there are some conditions in this. For example, it has become known that if you tow with the F-150 Lightning, you will get a lot of range.

Ford F-150 Lightning Tow Trailer | stronghold

And you have to pay extra in order to get the maximum range of this EV. Although, the same can be said for most electric cars currently on the market. Since most truck owners don’t actually do any towing, this range probably won’t really matter in the real world.

The 2023 F-150 Lightning won’t come cheap

Unfortunately, if you want, it won’t be cheap. For the base model, you should expect to pay more than $50,000. However, the F-150 Lightning Pro could still be a good work car. We expect to see many more companies adopting it for fleet use.

A gray Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is on the road.
Ford F-150 Lightning | stronghold

The top of the line Ford electric truck will command close to $100,000. Six figures is a pretty big order for a truck. But, Blue Oval was sure to provide the Platinum Extended Range with plenty of features.

Which Ford Lightning is the best?

There are a range of trim levels with this truck, and the XLT build seems to be the best value. You can get it with the 312A High package, which comes with things like adaptive cruise control and a combined alternator.

Silver Ford F-150 lightning vs. Ford F-150 hybrid.
Ford F-150 Lightning | Bill Bogliano via Getty Images
The Chevrolet Silverado EV fails to beat the Ford Lightning

Indeed, finding the F-150 Lightning will be a tough challenge. Ford sold out of its electric truck very quickly. Therefore, even if you have the funds, you may not be able to find one. There is always the option to look on the used market, but you will find that these trucks sell for well over MSRP.

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