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Head Of Instagram Admits Redesign Is ‘Not Yet Good’

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, says the app’s full-screen redesign is “not good yet” and talks about the growing amount of recommended content in people’s feeds.

This came in a video that Mosseri posted on Twitter this week, where he addresses users’ frustration with Instagram’s recent changes.

In addition to recommending more content from people users don’t follow, Instagram is testing a TikTok-like overhaul of its user interface.

As the app strays so far from what it brought people to it, there is an outcry from users Make Instagram Instagram again.

Mosseri admits there is room for improvement in terms of the full-screen redesign, so he might see a few revisions before he rolls it out to everyone.

On the other hand, recommended posts in the main feed don’t go anywhere. This is what Mosseri has to say about it.

Instagram’s full screen feed is not good

Mosseri says the full-screen Instagram feed needs improvement, which is why it’s only available in limited testing.

“It’s a test for a few percent of the people out there, and the idea is that a full-screen experience, not just for videos but for photos, could be a more interesting and engaging experience. But I also want to be clear, it’s not very good yet. We’ll have to move it to a good place if we’re We will be shipping to the rest of the Instagram community.”

Although Instagram appears to be imitating TikTok, Mosseri stresses its commitment to preserving the photo-sharing experience.

Whether people will retain interest in posting photos is another question entirely, since activity on Instagram is geared more towards video sharing.

Mosseri continues:

“I want to be clear – we will continue to support images. It’s part of our heritage. I love images and I know a lot of you out there love images too. However, I have to be honest, I think more and more of Instagram will become videos over time. We’re seeing this even If we didn’t change anything.

We see this even if you look at the time feed. If you look at what people share on Instagram that turns more and more into videos over time. If you look at what people like, consume and watch on Instagram, that also morphs more and more into video over time even when we stop changing anything. So we’ll have to build on this shift while still supporting the images.”

Recommended jobs are here to stay

Another Instagram change that people argue is “not good” is all recommended content in the main feed from people the users don’t follow back.

Mosseri explains that this change is part of a long-term initiative to improve content discovery.

Instagram has no plans to exclude recommended content from people’s feeds. However, the Following tab allows people to follow content from accounts they choose to watch.

“Recommendations are posts in your feed from accounts you don’t follow. The idea is to help you discover new and interesting things on Instagram that you might not know existed.” It’s a test for a few percentages of people, and the idea is that a

Now, if you’re seeing things on your feed that are recommendations that you’re not interested in, that means we’re doing a bad job ranking, and we need to improve. And you can X come up with a recommendation, you can even snooze all recommendations for up to a month or go to the Up Next feed.

But we’ll continue to try to improve recommendations because we believe it’s one of the most effective and valuable ways to help creators reach more people. We want to do the best we can with our creators, especially our younger ones, and we see recommendations as one of the best ways to reach new audiences and grow their followers.”

Source: Mosseri on Twitter

Featured image: 4zevar/Shutterstock

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