Google Updates Search Console Video Indexing Report

Google is rolling out an update to its Search Console video indexing report, with the goal of providing publishers and content creators with more comprehensive insights into how their videos are performing in search results.

The updated report will include more detailed information on video impressions, and the ability to filter the data by sitemap.

video impressions

Screenshot from: Jan 2023.

Google makes it easier to understand video performance by adding daily video impressions to the Video Index report.

These impressions are aggregated by page, which means that each impression of the same page in a single search results page or discovery session counts as one impression.

However, the Search Performance report aggregates video search appearances by location, not URL. Only one impression is counted if multiple pages appear in the search result.

This means that the Search Performance report may show fewer impressions than the Video Indexing report.

Sitemap filter

Google updates the video indexing report in Search ConsoleScreenshot from: Jan 2023.

Google is adding a new feature to the Video Indexing report to help website owners and content creators focus on the video pages that are most important to them.

This feature allows filtering of the report to display only the video pages embedded in a specific sitemap, affecting all aspects of the report, including the graph, graph totals, issue list, and exports.

In summary

These updates to the Search Console video indexing report are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to make it easier for website owners and content creators to understand their videos and improve their visibility in search results.

The new insights provided by the updated report can help website owners make more informed decisions about their video content and drive better results.

source: Google

Featured image: IB Photography / Shutterstock

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