Google Shares Sneak Peek At New Advertising Features

Google is sharing a preview of the new advertising features that will be announced at Google Marketing Live on May 24th.

These features represent what the Google Ads team has been working on for the first few months of 2022.

Advertisers can look forward to boosting their marketing efforts with these upcoming additions to Google Ads.

Improvements to responsive display ads

Google’s responsive display ads, which adapt ad design to accommodate different sizes of ad units, are undergoing an upgrade.

Mobile layouts

All-new mobile layouts for responsive display ads will be able to accommodate any vertical image or video asset.

Image credit: Think With Google, May 2022.

Responsive display ads are able to automatically generate a video from a static design. This will allow advertisers to access full screen mobile ad inventory when mobile formats first become available.

machine learning

The whole process of creating ads for different formats and device types is accelerated through machine learning.

In a blog post, Google explains what machine learning will bring to responsive display ads:

“Using machine learning to speed up the design and iteration process, you can deliver engaging display ads faster than ever before. Simply upload a few images, videos, and headlines, and we’ll automatically create and test visually stunning ad sets that fit millions of possible ad placements, and most importantly achieve results.”

Google testing shows that advertisers see twice as much conversions, on average, when a responsive display ad is added to an ad group with a static display ad.

decode the image

Google Ads will employ machine learning to de-crop images in product ads.

Uncropping an image seamlessly expands images to fill them so they don’t leave white borders.

Below is an example of product ads with or without image cropping:

Google shares a sneak peek at the new advertising featuresImage credit: Think With Google, May 2022.

This will be an automatic optimization, which means that no manual changes are required on the part of advertisers.

More information about improvements to responsive display ads will be revealed at Google Live Marketing On May 24th.

Creative Inspiration Center

Available now, Google has developed a premier website for creative advertising inspiration.

Google has collected some of the most successful creative assets across Google Ads and presented them in a new form Creative Inspiration Center.

There you’ll see real-life examples of ads that have worked for businesses across Discovery, Display, App, and YouTube campaigns.

Google hopes this will help you find ways to move forward with your campaigns.

Source: Think with Google

Featured image: Javier Brosch / Shutterstock

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