Google Introduces New Vehicle Ads Format

Google is giving auto advertisers a new tool to support their marketing efforts in the form of a dedicated car sales ad unit.

When people search for cars for sale, this new ad format shows vehicles for purchase nearby.

The shift in online consumer behavior has changed over the past two years.

More people are not only turning to the web to find their next car, but buying cars online as well.

Found a google study 89% of new car buyers have searched for their new car online.

in 2021, 16% of new car buyers bought their cars online, up from just 1% three years ago.

Every industry needs to keep up with consumers’ growing expectations of buying online, even the automotive industry.

With the new Google Vehicle Ads, instant advertisers can reach car shoppers with the right information and inventory.

Here’s more about Google Vehicle Ads and how to use them.

Car ads experience

When a user searches for cars for sale, they are met with options to buy the car or have it delivered.

The ad format displays images and specific information about the warehouse, including:

  • location
  • Make and type
  • price
  • Model

If the user clicks on the vehicle ad, they will be taken to the description page on the dealer’s site.

From there they can get the agent’s contact information to bring them closer to the purchase process.

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How to start

Currently, US auto dealerships are eligible to use Vehicle Ads.

The vehicle ad format does not automatically appear in your account. You should contact Google if you are interested.

If you’re interested in getting started with vehicle ads, the first step is to create a vehicle inventory feed. Your inventory feed must be linked to the Google Merchant Center.

Once your feed is created and uploaded, you must link your Google Ads account with the following:

  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google Business Profile

Smart Shopping campaigns are required to run vehicle ads. You cannot run vehicle ads in standard shopping campaigns.

additional requirements

If you are a car dealer, you are eligible to participate in vehicle advertising. Vehicle ads are not allowed for:

  • Private sellers
  • individual sellers
  • Car brokers

Vehicle ads are only allowed for non-commercial passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, etc.). Vehicles not allowed for vehicle ads are:

  • Recreational vehicles
  • commercial vehicles
  • farm vehicles
  • buses
  • 2 wheels
  • trains
  • boats
  • Planes
  • Any external utility vehicles

Finally, you can’t enable another Google Merchant Center if you want to run vehicle ads.

Benefits of vehicle advertising

Vehicle ads are meant to be more targeted at the bottom of the funnel for users. These users have a higher shopping intent and it brings them closer to narrowing down their final purchase.

Google has beta tested vehicle ads with specific advertisers before they are released to the public. Advertisers have reported benefits including a 25% increase in conversions.

Key benefits of Google Vehicle Ads listings include

  • More qualified leads by showing more information before a user clicks
  • Omnichannel transfers (online and offline)
  • Increase exposure alongside your text ads

Another benefit of Google Listings is automated targeting. Depending on your view of auto-targeting with Smart Shopping, you might be sick of trying it out. Vehicle ads will still be worth testing to determine if they provide additional lift.

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