Google Confirms Update To Local Search Results

Google confirms that the algorithm update began appearing in local search results at the end of November and ended on December 8.

This update included a “rebalancing” of the ranking factors that Google considers when generating local search results.

This update is officially referred to as November 2021 local search updatethough the changes likely won’t be felt until the first week of December.

Google’s guidelines on this update are to continue to follow local SEO best practices, which is linked in the embedded tweet above.

Keep in mind that the weight of each ranking factor listed in the Google Help Guide has been rebalanced.

The ranking factors for Google local search results are:

  • RelevanceHow well a local business profile matches what someone is looking for.
  • distance: How far each potential search result is from the location term used in the search.
  • the fameThe reputation of the business

Google never provides exact details regarding the weight of each ranking factor. So perhaps the best way to respond to this update is to rebalance your efforts.

For example, if you focus more on optimizing for Relevance By boosting your Google Business Profile with information, now is probably the time to focus more on your business the fame of your business

November was an eventful month for SEO, with a number of changes to the Google algorithm.

However, it should be easy to determine if you were specifically affected by the November 2021 Local Search update.

Updating Local Search will only affect your Google Business Profile ranking in the Local package.

If the order of your work profile hasn’t changed, chances are you weren’t negatively affected by this update.

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