Google Bowling: Tool Saves Advertisers from 3-strike Suspension

Google has released a Python script tool that helps advertisers get rid of ads that violate terms. The tool is not officially supported but is intended to help advertisers comply with the new 3 strike policy to enforce violations of their Google Ads policies.

Enforcement of strike-based advertisements

In July 2021, Google announced a crackdown on repeat violators of their Google Ads policies. The way the app works is by issuing a warning first, and then three strikes for each type of violation.

After the third offense, the advertiser’s account is suspended unless the suspension is successfully appealed.

Google’s help page for strike-based law enforcement described it as follows:

To help ensure a safe and positive experience for users, Google requires advertisers to adhere to the Google Ads Policies.

As part of the Google Ads enforcement system, Google will begin issuing alerts to advertisers, which will be accompanied by email and in-account notifications to encourage compliance and deter repeated violations of our policies.”

Google Ads issue that can cause account suspension

The Google Ads policies that Google cares about are aimed at ensuring a high-quality user experience for those who view Google Ads ads.

Google monitors these policy violations:

  • Enabling dishonest behavior
  • Unapproved materials
  • guns
  • Gun parts and related products
  • Explosives
  • other weapons
  • tobacco

The above is a partial list. Google help page for strike based system Note that other types of policy violations can be added to the list.

Google Bowling Automatic objectionable ads remover

The Google Developer Blog has announced that it will be releasing an audit tool called “bowling” (a play on the word strike) that aims to help advertisers identify and remove problematic ads.

An audit tool has been launched to help advertisers avoid permanent suspension of their Google Ads accounts.

The ad indicated:

“…Bowling is a mitigation tool that allows customers to act and remove objectionable ads before they risk account suspension.

The tool screens (and offers the option to delete) objectionable ads that may eventually lead to an account being suspended forever.”

Google Bowling has two modes:

  1. audit mode
  2. removal mode

Removal mode deletes objectionable ads and creates a log file.

Ad removal tool comes with a disclaimer

Although this is a Google Python script, the Bowling tool’s GitHub repository contains a disclaimer that distances Google from the tool.

The first part of the disclaimer reads:

This is not an officially authorized Google product. Copyright 2021 Google LLC. This Solution, including any sample code or related data, is provided on an “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE” basis With all faults”, for illustrative purposes only, and without warranty or representation of any kind. This solution is experimental, unsupported and is provided for your convenience only”.

Google Three Strikes Bowling Tool

Google Bowling aims to help advertisers be proactive in removing problematic ads. But it also does not come with any warranty.

Find the relevant pages for the tool below in quotes.


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Read Google’s help pages on strike-based policy enforcement

Experimenting with the new “Alerts” system to address recurring ads policy violations

Updates on Enforcement Actions for Repeat Violations (July 2021)

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