General Motors Is Testing the Ford Maverick

With the Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, the pickup truck wars are in full swing. The Maverick is a hugely popular mini pickup, and it’s so popular that Blue Oval is already struggling to keep up with demand. Despite the sheer size, some brands are noticeably absent from the fray. One of these is General Motors, more commonly known as General Motors.

Does General Motors make the Ford Maverick?

Currently, it does not offer a direct competitor to the Ford Maverick. The company does offer a pickup truck known as the Van, but it won’t be coming to the United States. If GM plans to make a pickup truck, it’s pretty quiet about its intentions.

General Motors measures the Ford Maverick truck. Benchmarking is basically when a brand tests another brand’s car, and it’s an extensive process. The process usually involves going over the mechanics as well as the overall driving experience. So maybe General Motors is hoping to build a pickup truck.

The smallest GMs you can buy today are the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado. These midsize pickups got serious updates for 2023, and honestly, it’s hard not to picture their success.

But, if you want an actual new pickup truck, you’ll need to look to Ford and Hyundai. At least until other manufacturers choose to build compact pickups.

The pickup trucks are on their way back

For years, finding a legitimate pickup truck in the United States was considered impossible. Brands are producing bigger and bigger models, leaving behind compact pickups. With the introduction of Santa Cruz, it seems that people are willing to spend their money to get something really practical for everyday use.

Chevy Montana | Bother

If you needed proof of how popular things like Maverick are, here are a few signs. The biggest one is how quickly books can be ordered for this pickup truck. After about a week of opening orders, it looked like the blue oval had been forced to close them. If you were expecting to go to a Ford dealership and buy this car at the sticker price, good luck with that.

Will General Motors make a pickup truck?

At the moment, it appears that General Motors has no serious plans to sell a pickup truck in the United States. But if brands like it, maybe that will change some minds. General Motors is a very popular brand when it comes to trucks. Perhaps if the Chevy Montana were sold in the United States, it would be a great success.

Front corner view of the blue 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck
2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz | Hyundai
What's going on with the Ford Maverick orders?

Until that automaker announces a pickup truck or sees spy shots, the exact plan will be up in the air. But in this journalist’s opinion, the more pickups, the better.

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