Ford Pays $2,500 for People to NOT Buy a New Bronco Wildtrak

Ford’s new Bronco isn’t a sales hit, it’s a sales home run for . But with that sales hit, Ford is finding that demand is great, especially for the Bronco’s base Wildlands trim. So, at this point the company has come up with a smart solution to help the buyers. Ford is paying buyers $2,500 NOT to buy a Wildlands Bronco.

Ford also offers a bonus for abandonment options

For a while, the Wildtrak version was . The Wildtrak is the $52,000 high-speed off-road racer. But Ford is now offering buyers $2,500 instead to buy one of the other trim levels. The Badlands, Big Bend and Outer Banks versions cost more. Some of the parts for the uplevel version are apparently in short supply, so Ford is offering buyers $2,500 NOT to buy options like the color-matched hardtop or Sasquatch suspension package, according to a new report from .

sit the gullies and. The Badlands starts at $45,095 and comes as a two- or four-door Bronco. The Wildtrak comes standard with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, while it’s an option on the Badlands. The Wildtrak also gets the 10-speed automatic standard, while the Badlands comes standard with a seven-speed manual with a track.

Both of these versions of the Bronco get advanced all-wheel drive and 17-inch wheels. They also get the for suspension tuning. One of the two, however, is an off-road monster.

What is the cheapest Ford Bronco you can buy?

2023 Ford Bronco Raptor | Ford
Yes, you can buy a vintage electric Bronco like Ben Affleck's at Gateway Bronco

The cheapest new Ford Bronco you can buy is simply the base Bronco. It starts at $32,295 and comes with the basics, like steel wheels and the base 2.3-liter engine. Sure, you can add the 2.7-liter engine and upgrade the 4×4 to a full-time system, but with those expensive options you add nearly $10,000 to the base price. But even on this basic version, the doors and the roof can be removed.

The most expensive Bronco is the Raptor version. It has everything you need to tackle, well, the badlands.

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