Can’t Wait For Cybertruck? Make a Tesla Truck From a Model S Instead

Cybertruck has become the anchor around the neck as the delivery date is being pushed farther and farther. Where is she now, 2028? In any case, some took matters into their own hands. If they can’t get a Tesla truck, then… And that’s what we have here, the Tesla Model S “Teslamino” pickup truck.

Who built this Tesla truck?

Tesla Pickup Model S Teslamino | revolution systems

You may have seen this a few years ago. This design is along the same lines but based on the Tesla Model S. Since it’s larger than the Model 3, some might suggest it’s the best option for squeezing into a pickup.

Page featuring Teslamino, it’s a work in progress.

Was this Tesla pickup made out of kit?

Tesla truck
Tesla Pickup Model S Teslamino | revolution systems

After cutting the back of the top and welding the doors, the truck bed was made from sheet aluminum. It should have been a little shallow due to the Model S’s rear suspension height but it still works just as well as the photos suggest. The sail panels also had to be made, along with the addition of a window surround with a flat stern window. It can now slide for easy access to in-bed cargo.

Red corner front view of the 2023 Tesla Model S, the only Tesla electric car with a driving range of over 400 miles
2023 Tesla Model S | Tesla

It also shines with the addition of the facelifted front fascia from the current Model S cars. A tailgate was constructed from the Model S’s rear, retaining the distinctive ducktail wing. It has been extended below the original box opening for full access to the bed floor. Honestly, it looks as functional as many of the pickups out there today. It may be a problem to paint it as it can now be used without fear of scratching it.

Tesla truck
Tesla Pickup Model S Teslamino | revolution systems

We’re seeing more and more cheap sedans become more useful as pickup trucks. The Model S isn’t cheap, but prices do come down relative to used prices. It could be made more useful like a Tesla truck.

Since there are kits to convert Dodge Magnums, Audi A4s, and Beetles into trucks, will this be the first of many Tesla truck conversions?

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