Automatic Clarity Integration Coming to Microsoft Advertising Accounts

Microsoft Clarity’s integration with Microsoft Advertising is now available to users as part of a beta program.

Most of the existing Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags will be updated to the built-in system in November, according to the brand.

Clarity is designed to provide advertisers with a deeper understanding of landing page engagement and post-click behavior.

It tracks clicks, scrolls, and movements on landing pages and enables users to analyze behavior across channels, campaigns, and browsers.

Soon, Clarity integration will be standard across all Microsoft Advertising accounts that use UET tags, unless the advertiser is excluded or disapproved.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

First released in private beta in 2018 and more broadly in late 2020, Clarity is Microsoft’s free GDPR-compliant user behavior analytics tool.

Provides a variety of insights into the customer journey and how visitors interact with landing pages via:

  • heat maps.
  • “Click Fury” and click dead visions.
  • Always on session recordings.
  • Rich hash with more than 25 filters.

See Microsoft Announces Clarity – Roger Montti’s Free Website Analytics to learn more about its specific features.

In December 2020, Microsoft announced the integration of Clarity with Bing Webmaster Tools. Clarity also integrates with Google Analytics. He. She

Clarity has no traffic caps, and Microsoft promises that the tool will be free forever.

When is the offering?

The schedule is as follows, according to Microsoft:

“Starting in November, we will be creating a new UET label by default to include Clarity Insights experience benefits.

In mid-November, we will migrate all existing UET tags to include Clarity Insights, regardless of those accounts associated with exceptions.”

The new Microsoft Clarity integration uses JavaScript Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags on the website and the advertiser’s existing Microsoft Advertising credentials.

Prepare for Microsoft Clarity Integration

Microsoft recommends that advertisers implement the UET tag now “in order to future-proof and maximize performance with your Microsoft Advertising campaigns and benefit from insights with this new Clarity experience.”

Once an advertiser’s UET tag is updated, they will be able to access Clarity Insights in their Microsoft Advertising account.

In order for UET tags to be automatically updated in November, advertisers only need to have an active UET tag and not be part of an excluded category.

Excluded sites include those that contain sensitive data including information related to government, the user’s healthcare, or the user’s financial services.

Advertisers can sign up for the beta today by contacting a Microsoft advertising representative.

Those who wish to opt out of Clarity integration entirely can use Who is this Let’s do it.

We see Frequently Asked Questions See the Microsoft Clarity documentation to learn more.

Source: Microsoft

Featured image source: fizkes / Shutterstock

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