Airplane Makes Emergency Landing, Pilot and Passenger Injured Moments Later in Car Crash

An emergency landing in a place is every pilot’s worst nightmare. Well, okay, maybe not worst A nightmare, but definitely not perfect. While a flight that doesn’t go according to plan is really bad, what’s even worse is making an emergency landing only safely and then crashing into it.

When the emergency landing goes well, only to be beaten by the Nissan Rogue

DA20 | Nevada State Police

If Vegas is where you go to place your bets, what are the odds of a plane making an uninjured emergency landing only to have the pilot and passenger injured in a car wreck only moments later? I wouldn’t make that bet.

It was reported that a witness who spoke with him said that the passengers on the plane were unharmed during the landing and could exit the plane without problems. The witness, Kevin King of North Las Vegas, was also flying with an instructor pilot at the time of the accident.

Here comes the crazy part

Nissan Rogue with a broken windshield
Nissan Rogue after being hit by a plane Nevada State Police

Flight controllers required King and his flight instructor to fly over the scene and report back to ensure the plane landed safely. Two still aloft managed to make radio contact with the two who had just made an emergency landing. The couple on the ground confirmed they were okay and exited the plane, standing behind the right wing of the plane, waiting to board.

Within about 10 minutes of radio contact, the Nissan Rogue descended the highway and slammed into the left wing of the plane. This collision caused the plane to bounce, striking the pilots. The Nissan SUV driver and the two pilots were all sent to the hospital. Local police said that although they were hospitalized, the three people avoided life-threatening injuries.

How would you hit a parked plane?

King said the driver must have been moving a good clip to sustain that kind of damage. The Nissan windshield was broken as well as the front corner panel and A-pillar slightly wrinkled.

King also noted that plenty of other cars were able to pass the downed plane without incident, suggesting the Nissan SUV driver may not have been paying attention. You can also tell from the photos that the plane is pulled in off the shoulder, which is certainly enough to give the drivers room.

Although this scenario was very strange, it is a good reminder that you should always pull over from any roadside, especially when there is danger on the road.

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