3 Ways To Get More Push Notification Subscribers & Clicks (With Examples)

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Want to increase visits to your site?

Do you hope to continue nurturing visitors throughout the buyers journey to conversion?

Sending updates directly to the user’s browser or device is an effective way to do this Re-engage them.

Bringing users back for breaking news, sales, or an update after a while can help build trust and get more conversions.

The first hurdle is Get users to agree to push notifications.

Before you can send information to them directly, users have to give their permission. This crucial point of decision has to be timed and handled well, or they’ll hit no thanks and move on.

So, how do you make a good first impression?

How do you motivate users to say “yes”?

Let’s learn what push notifications are and then move on to some examples of an effective push notification strategy.

What are push notifications?

A push notification is a small, customizable message delivered directly to a user’s browser, desktop or mobile device when or after they access your site.

Push notifications are an “opt-in” service, which means that users will receive them after approval.

Successfully re-engage audiences after they leave your website or app with high-quality push notifications with precise push notification targeting.

You will be able to get more traffic and increase customer retention with this type of engagement technique.

However, getting people to sign up is one of the hardest things to do.

Don’t worry, these 3 steps can get you started.

Step 1: Delay. Do not send instant notification requests right away.

Well, you can, and there is a chance that you will get a large number of subscribers this way.

But it may not be the best way to get it subscribers subscribers who are likely to return.

The problem with orders coming soon

If a push notification request pops up immediately upon landing, it interrupts the user’s search for the desired content. That’s why they might end up pressing, “No thanks.”

“No, thanks” means “no” or “get out of my way” to a potential new subscriber.

the solution

Instead, try to give your visitors some breathing room.

Let your visitors see that your content is worth subscribing to.

Add a delay before asking permission to send notifications.

This way, you can build a more meaningful connection with your visitors. Let the user get to know you a bit before sending the news to their notification center.

Once they read some content and explore your site or app, they may decide if they want to come back.

then, Your request becomes a service, not an inconvenience.

How to delay notification requests

nutix It allows you to manage your initial requests by adding a time delay, or even base them on certain actions if you want to make sure you’re targeting highly engaged users.

Step 2: Customize push notification requests.

Let’s be honest. You’re probably here because you know that generic push notification requests don’t work as efficiently as you’d like them to.

The problem with automatic alert requests

Push notifications usually say something like “[yoursite] wants to send you notifications” followed by choosing to allow or deny permission.

If we put ourselves in the visitor’s shoes, he or she will have little reason to say yes.

Your visitors need a reason to make your content worth subscribing to. They will be more likely to sign up if your offer matches their needs.

People usually visit websites with a topic or question in mind. The best course of action is to prove that you have something they are looking for.

If they see that they can easily get more content related to their search, they are more likely to sign up!

So, give people a reason to say yes.

the solution

Add a presentation or view to your order to let the user know exactly what they are getting from push notifications.

You can customize the text, call-to-action buttons, and even add images.

Push notification request customization can help you:

  • Increase the number of subscribers.
  • Find out what content your subscribers want to see.
  • Learn how and when your audience will react to the information provided.
  • Customize future push notifications to ensure clicks.

How to customize alert requests

If you have Single focus websiteA great way to customize subscription messages is to let the visitor know that there is more content they might be interested in.

If you provide fantasy football content, think about what your readers want most, such as updates on upcoming competitions.

Screenshot from, June 2022

You can go a step further and give your readers a sense of control. Segment your audience and customize the content they receive.

With this example, you’ll be able to ensure that cat lovers will continue to engage with cat-only content. Yes, you can do the same for dogs.

3 ways to get more push notification subscribers & # 038;  Clicks (with examples)Screenshot from, February 2022

If you own a The largest website hosting multiple topicsConsider giving your readers a choice.

Not only does this give the visitor a sense of control, but it also increases overall awareness of what your brand has to offer as well as increases engagement rates in the long run.

platforms like nutix Lets you create fillable forms to improve campaign targeting and user experience:

3 ways to get more push notification subscribers & # 038;  Clicks (with examples)Screenshot from, June 2022

Step 3: Send personalized push notifications to keep people engaged.

Now comes the fun part – seeing continued growth by keeping your subscribers engaged.

Comprehensive notifications problem

Many companies offer content that may not connect with the audience, while others offer every bit of fresh content without a plan.

This can quickly lead to audience disengagement – people don’t really sign up to get random content.

Subscribers crave content tailored to their ongoing needs.

the solution

Appropriate and attractive presentation Custom push notifications To keep your content visible and clickable.

Push notifications should provide personalized experiences that reflect your subscribers’ interests and needs.

If you followed step two of this strategy, you should be all set.

At this point, you’ve asked your visitors to indicate their favorite content in their opt-in application, so cat lovers will be ready to click on push notifications filled with some awesome cat memes.

How to send custom push notifications

Using the system of push notifications, set Multiple campaigns up and send different alerts to different groups of users. Their choices could be one of these parameters.

Let them know that you take their preferences into consideration.

3 ways to get more push notification subscribers & # 038;  Clicks (with examples)Screenshot from, June 2022

Notix allows you to set up a variety of client parameters, such as:

Location-based targeting

Deliver notifications that take into account the user’s location and interests.

3 ways to get more push notification subscribers & # 038;  Clicks (with examples)Screenshot from, June 2022

Individual user targeting

Keep track of where a user left a page and invite them back to finish what they were doing.

3 ways to get more push notification subscribers & # 038;  Clicks (with examples)Screenshot from, June 2022

Time or delay sensitive updates

Keep your customers and subscribers updated so they don’t face any surprises!

3 ways to get more push notification subscribers & # 038;  Clicks (with examples)Screenshot from, July 2022
3 ways to get more push notification subscribers & # 038;  Clicks (with examples)Screenshot from, July 2022

You can customize push notification campaigns in several different ways.

Top tip: When a user invites you to the home screen, use that space wisely!

Don’t send them every notice. Create a personalized experience that improves their engagement with your brand, whether they buy an item or read a news story.

Notix can help you customize, track and refine your push notification campaigns

Once you’ve set up your campaigns, you’ll need to test them. You may want to run multiple tests and try different versions of the notification design.

It helps to have a service that makes it easy to customize and track your campaigns.

For example, Notix’s Push notification campaign features Great for increasing user engagement and re-engagement.

So, plan, customize and experiment with your push campaign to engage and re-engage your users in the most effective way! And Notix can always help you with that. good luck!

Featured image: Shutterstock image. Used with permission.

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