2012 Honda Accord Problems Include Uncomfortable Seats, Airbag Recalls, Excessive Oil Use

2012 Honda Accord Problems Include Uncomfortable Seats, Airbag Recalls, Excessive Oil Use It has its share of issues, including eight airbag pulls, uncomfortable driver’s seats, and excessive oil use, but these issues are reported at numbers low enough that this is arguably one of the best-in-class vehicles in its class today. . . As long as you take the time to kick the tires in, you shouldn’t have any major problems with your new used 2012 Accord.

2012 Honda Accord Problems Include Uncomfortable Seats, Airbag Recalls, Excessive Oil Use

  • Airbag issues are the biggest issue facing the 2012 Honda Accord, generating eight intakes in total.
  • Some of the recent Accord airbag complaints relate to a lack of parts, but these are being reported in low numbers.
  • Many drivers find the 2012 Accord’s seats unbearably uncomfortable, thanks to the worn bushings.
  • Excessive oil use has been linked to broken piston rings, which largely cause wear and tear on a ten-year-old car.
  • The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the vehicle excellent grades of “good” in all areas, while the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gives the vehicle five-star ratings in each category.

Airbag problems keep popping up

The 2012 Honda Accord was in total, and in each case, the problem was the airbags. The first recall was issued shortly after the car debuted, for fewer than 400 units with defective airbags, and the rest were released from 2017 to 2019.

A few months after a million units were recalled due to a ruptured airbag, a few thousand units were recalled to the store for incorrect replacement. This happened again a year later with a recall of about 700,000 exploding airbags, followed by a recall of just over a thousand units with incorrectly installed replacement airbags.

Three more recalls followed, and while airbag complaints have continued to arise since then, they are, fortunately, somewhat sparse, with only three reports recorded in 2021, and none in 2022. Most complaints The latter is about failure. To deploy, drivers are waiting for spare parts.

In all likelihood, you won’t have any problems with the airbags in your 2012 Accord as long as you check your VIN and make sure you pay attention to any pending recalls. The airbag issues that are being reported are serious, but it’s not all that common when you consider that there are only 53 airbag complaints on file, and Honda sold more than 350,000 Accords in 2012.

2012 Honda Accord Problems Include Uncomfortable Seats, Airbag Recalls, Excessive Oil Use

The driver’s seat can be seriously uncomfortable

2012 Honda Accord - Photo by Honda
2012 Honda Accord

When you read that a driver’s seat in a car is uncomfortable, you might think this is just a matter of personal preference, but there are records of sitting, where most reports state that things like numbness and extreme discomfort are a result of the seat’s metal support beam digging into the driver’s back.

According to most complaints, the seat was quite comfortable at first, but the padding on the metal support structure corroded, or changed the structure in some way, leaving the driver essentially sitting right on the metal with nothing but a thin layer of upholstery between their back and the support beam.

For many drivers, this may not be a problem at all. If you’re tall or short enough that your back won’t rest on the metal bar, you may never know what these people are talking about. Other drivers will likely visit the chiropractor after several trips to the grocery store.

There are no recalls for this issue as it is not considered a major safety concern. The best way to deal with this problem is to get used to the seat on the test drive. You may find that the seat looks just fine, or an aftermarket cushion cannot be fixed, or you may find that you won’t like these seats unless you replace them entirely.

Broken piston rings lead to excessive oil use

There are 41 engine complaints in the 2012 agreement file, with one of the most common problems reported being excessive oil use. A few drivers reported that after taking the car to the store, they discovered that the problem was broken piston rings that allow oil to leak while the engine is moving.

If you know how to switch piston rings yourself, then this is not the most expensive solution. But if left unchecked, managing the potential damage can be incredibly expensive. If your engine is not lubricated properly, you will experience premature breakdown and overheating, and your vehicle will simply be less efficient, which means you burn far more gas than you use.

2012 Honda Accord Problems Include Uncomfortable Seats, Airbag Recalls, Excessive Oil Use

These complaints date back to within two years of the car’s release, but have become more common in recent years, which means that this is unlikely to be a big deal for the make and model in general, instead, piston rings are just one of the first parts that You can expect its breakdown from regular use.

A broken piston ring is usually the result of overheating or poor lubrication, if not a manufacturer defect. When test drive, it’s not a good idea to ask to look at service logs to make sure the seller hasn’t skipped oil changes. Even if the problems aren’t obvious yet, this could be a disaster waiting to happen.

High safety ratings and few complaints make the 2012 Honda Accord an excellent used car

2012 Honda Accord - Photo by Honda
2012 Honda Accord

Although the 2012 Honda Accord did not receive a Top Safety Pick from the United States, it received perfect overall scores of “good” across the board, and five NHTSA stars in each category for a perfect overall rating.

Some of the above issues may seem alarming, but they are being reported at a relatively low rate, and while eight airbag recalls are a lot, there have been no recalls at all since 2019, and no investigations since 2012. The car was produced A total of 339 complaints, a respectably low number after a decade down the road.

The biggest problem you’ll have with a 2012 Honda Accord goes back to the car’s age. Hondas are known for their longevity, but if someone is negligent in their regular maintenance, if they skip oil changes and cycles, it will take their toll.

In other words, be sure to take it through the steps. Check your VIN, test drive well, look under the hood and generally just kick in the tires before handing over any money. The agreement can last for decades, but only in the hands of the right driver.

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