Watch: Upside-Down Chevy Truck Breaks the Internet — Viral Video!

There are seemingly endless ways car enthusiasts can customize their cars. Sometimes, people go to great lengths with their mods, like this inverted take. The Chevy truck video broke the internet and set it on fire — with it on Twitter.

Video on Twitter of an overturned Chevrolet pickup truck driving down a street

Overturned Chevy Pickup Truck | Lance (@BornAKang) via Twitter video

The video of the overturned Chevy pickup truck was posted by a Twitter user named Lance ( ) the day after Christmas, December 26, 2022. The video quickly went viral, with over 7.9 million views on Twitter.

Full size truck.

The optical illusion truck looks like a boat – or SpongeBob’s car

A view from the corner of the back of an overturned Chevy pickup truck in a video clip that went viral on Twitter
Overturned Chevy Pickup Truck | Lance (@BornAKang) via Twitter video

It’s an eerie sight to see an overturned Chevy truck cruise along the street. It almost looks like a boat, with a large body “hull” and an open-air convertible design. Also, to enhance the aspect, the Twitter user who posted the video on the truck launched SpongeBob’s car. Also, other Twitter users have made the SpongeBob connection, including references to “Mrs. Puffy” and “Bikini Bottom”.

However, the truck’s upturned appearance is a form. The outer body is upside down, with the roof nearly touching the ground. Also, there is an additional set of wheels facing the sky. However, the cabin and mechanical components remain in a natural upright position. The end result is an upturned appearance, with the driver carelessly strolling along the street – as if it were natural for him to do so.

Twitter users’ reactions to the overturned Chevy truck

There is an interesting element about the viral aspect of the overturned Chevy pickup truck video. Much hype around it in India. Many news outlets in India covered the video, such as. While it is not known where the video was filmed, it appears to be in the United States. One Twitter user thought he might be in Ohio, while another said he was in Oregon — but none of this has been confirmed.

Also, many Twitter users had interesting reactions to the overturned truck video. Some expressed confusion and bewilderment:

  • “What am I even looking at?”
  • “Imagine standing at a red carpet event at that.”
  • “I am really confused.”
  • “The Stanger-Thingsmobile.”
  • “The perfect car for this upside down world.”
  • “All is well until the time comes to pass A.”
  • “He stole Mrs. Puff’s boat.”
  • “Bro got his license from the bikini bottom.”
  • “The crazy thing is this guy said you know what when I retire I’m going to take all my 401K and build a flip car.”

Ford F-150 upside down in Illinois

While the overturned Chevy pickup truck in the Twitter video is very unusual, it’s not the first time someone has made a drivable upside-down vehicle. Rick Sullivan, an auto mechanic in Clinton, Illinois, created an upside down Ford pickup truck in 2014. He used a 1995 body and components of a 1991 Ford Ranger.

Also, there have been multiple cases of rear-facing pickup trucks. This includes swapping around the cabin’s steering components and seats – and positioning the engine in the pickup bed area.

Do you have any unique customization ideas for this upside down world?

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