Used SUVs Under $20,000 from 2013 That Might Last More Than 200,000 Miles

Not everyone has the same priorities when it comes to finding a . Still, used SUVs under $20,000 as of 2013 are an affordable and practical option for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable vehicle. The options below from Chevrolet, Chevrolet, and Toyota may suit some, especially those who need the extra space on a budget. However, regular and routine maintenance is a big part of the 200,000-mile deal, so don’t skip it.

The Ford Expedition is a used SUV under $20,000 worth considering.

When you look at used SUVs that also rank high on the list of most durable vehicles, the 2013 Ford Expedition was at the top. It was within budget and the expedition has a long history of reliability. The Expedition has a roomy third row and storage seats to make even more room. More than 5.2% of Ford Expedition SUVs on the road go 200,000 miles or more. While not specific to 2013, iSeeCars has found that a modern expedition has the potential to last 244,682 miles or more.

it should do it easily. However, regular maintenance is an integral part of this equation. Don’t skip oil changes, coolant flushes, and anything else that might be in your owner’s manual.

Chevrolet’s Suburban is another used SUV under $20,000

There’s not much not to love about . This sub-$20,000 used SUV has the potential to last more than 200,000 miles, with 4.9 percent of 2013 Suburbans on the road reaching that milestone. The Suburban has plenty of room and even manages to get 15 mpg city and 21 mpg highway which is good enough for a large SUV of that time.

Chevrolet equipped the Suburban with an upscale cabin that could seat nine passengers. The third row is comfortable, even for adults. It also has USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity to keep all nine passengers entertained. A recent study on the iSeeCars study found that the Suburban has the potential to last 265,732 miles.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid is one of the most reliable used SUVs.

A 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid | Toyota

While the standard gasoline version also made the list of used SUVs under $20,000, it ranked much higher. Toyota offered the Highlander Hybrid with front or all-wheel drive, with three rows of seats. The third row is large enough for adults and has more room than the midsize SUV.

Approximately 4.2 percent of 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrids on the road have 200,000 miles or more. Another study from iSeeCars found that the Highlander Hybrid has the potential to last 244,994 miles or more, only adding to the long list of positives. Either way, the Highlander has received excellent safety scores from groups like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

These are three of the used SUVs under $20,000 that still have plenty of miles left. Reaching 200,000 miles won’t be too difficult with regular maintenance. If you’re considering one of these vehicles but need a high-quality repair shop, Consumer Reports has some helpful tips.

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