The Mercedes GLB Has One Big Advantage Over BMW’s X1

The Mercedes GLB 250 and BMW X1 xDrive 28i are similar. Both start at around $40,000. Both have a small, powerful and efficient turbocharged engine. Both pack a ton of stuff, are, and have grille badges that impress the neighbors. But the GLB has one big advantage over the X1.

The Mercedes-Benz GLB has a third row

The GLB has an optional third row | Mercedes Benz

they’re great at carrying people and stuff, that’s what they’re for, really. But when you’re really looking to carry people, check out the 2023 Mercedes GLB250. For an additional $850 bucks you can add two folding seats to the back of the GLB 250. Sure, they’re not huge, but in a pinch, they’re the accessory. perfect for when the whole crew needs to go for ice cream.

it’s bigger, both longer and wider, after a 2023 update. But it still seats just five people. To get a third row, you have to boost the X3, which is a larger vehicle with a price tag to match. The X3 costs about $7,000 more than the X1 and about $5,000 more than a GLB.

Is the Mercedes GLB a luxury car?

Less satisfying 2023 luxury SUVs include this 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB
A 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB | Mercedes Benz

The Mercedes GLB packs many of the luxury features buyers want. It’s Mercedes’ second smallest SUV, and it’s noticeably but not appreciably smaller than the , but has more space than the GLA. It still has the good looks of other Mercedes SUVs, especially on the inside. The cockpit of the 2023 GLB 250 has five turbine-like air vents, a cool gray aluminum dashboard with carbon-like trim, and a giant screen that stretches from the driver’s dash to the center console.

The 2023 GLB250 starts at $39,800 in a two-wheel drive version. For about $3,000 more you can add Mercedes all-wheel drive, and that’s the only trim option. It has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that makes 221 horsepower, and that’s tied to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. While it’s not fast or sporty, this SUV tends more to pamper passengers with lots of leather, elegant finishes and lots of new MB technology.

The 2023 BMW X1 is bigger inside and out

Front view of orange 2023 BMW X1
2023 BMW X1 | BMW

For 2023, BMW’s most affordable SUV, the BMW xDrive28i, scored . In that redesign, the X1 gained a couple of inches in length and width. That extra size doesn’t just mean more room inside—although it does mean that, it also means the smallest BMW SUV gains a bit more handling as well.

For 2023, the updated X1 now has only one engine option and starts at . It may sound like a bummer, but the 241-horsepower four-cylinder makes 241 horsepower and can get this little SUV to 60 mph in under 5.5 seconds, according to . It’s also rated at 28 mpg city, 34 mpg highway, pretty impressive numbers considering this is an all-wheel drive SUV.

However, the X1 has one advantage over the GLB: Every X1 features xDrive, which means all-wheel drive comes as standard.

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